Actress Han Ji Sung Dies From 'Mystery' Tragic Car Accident

Actress Han Ji Sung Dies in  'Mystery' Tragic Car Accident
Actress Han Ji Sung (Photo: Actress Han Ji Sung SNS)
Actress Han Ji Sung Dies in  'Mystery' Tragic Car Accident
Actress Han Ji Sung Dies in 'Mystery' Tragic Car Accident (Photo: Incheon Fire Department)

Netizens are speculating why the late actress Han Ji Sung made a stop in the middle of a '3-way' highway leading to her fatal accident.

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According to fire-fighter officials on May 8, a woman was killed near the Gimpo Airport expressway at around 3:52 am on the 6th. On the day of the accident, the deceased was reported to be a woman in her '20s.'

An official from Han Ji Sung's label made a statement to the media 'TV Daily' revealing the tragic accident. At the time of the accident, according to the husband's statement to police, he didn't know why his wife had parked in the second lane. He said, "She stopped in the middle lane and turned on the emergency light because I had needed to use the restroom urgently."

According to police, "the wife stepped out of the vehicle, a Mercedes Benz C200, and was hit by taxi driver 'A' (56) and SUV driver 'B' (73) as they sped by." The police said, "The taxi driver 'A' sped by without looking head and hit Han Ji Sung to her death. The speed limit on this highway is 100km/h. We will ask the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for an autopsy of the body to investigate the exact cause of the death and time of the accident. We will also investigate why Han Ji Sung stepped out of her vehicle."

Han Ji Sung was well-known for her performances recently in dramas and movies after her debut in girl group B-Dolls in 2010.

Netizens are speculating as to why the actress stopped in the middle lane on an express highway. They said, "It's common sense to stop on the shoulder because of the nature of the highway, I wonder why she stopped in the middle lane."

Following are comments from netizens:

[+2,748, -16] My sincere condolences to the late actress that left behind everyone, but who is this taxi driver and other drivers that didn't stop and will now get away with it??

[+1,382, -21] What's wrong with the cab driver and the SUV driver?

[+1,107, -19] She stopped in the middle lane of a 3-way highway risking her life and the man ran out to pee. It doesn't make sense.

[+665, -31] Doesn't it mean they fought??

[+205, -1] Arrest the drivers of the accident...what the hell is wrong with them

[+196, -2] The whole "speed limit is 100km or 90km" is coming out of nowhere...what nonsense is this, why aren't you charging them??

[+191, -3] The wife is not a child. Does it make sense that she stopped in the middle lane so that the husband can go out to pee?? Usually, you stop in the shoulder... Isn't it because they were fighting?

[+126, -3] At 3:00 am you were standing in the middle of a highway next to your car?? The dead woman's family must compensate the cab driver and Orlando.

[+106, -16] The husband is a bit suspicious...

[+67, -7] It doesn't make sense that she parked in the middle lane...Let's hope the follow-up article says: "Discarded black box memory card...found"

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