NBA Free Agency Rumors: Chance Is High Kyrie Irving Will Next Don Nets Jersey

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Boston Celtics' biggest star, Kyrie Irving has decided to reject his player option and will be a free agent from June 30 when the NBA market will open again. Irving will leave a one-year, $21.3 million contract and will be free to deal with any franchise, including the New York Knicks where a possible team up with Kevin Durant can happen, the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers to reunite with his former teammate Lebron James. (Photo: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports)

NBA superstar Kyrie Irving is leading the campaign for the Boston Celtics to capture another championship title. But successful or not, the former LeBron James teammate is unlikely to keep the green uniform, if persistent rumors are to be believed. Irving's next destination, it seems, points to Brooklyn.

As one of the key figures to merit attention in the upcoming NBA free agency, Irving has a wide array of options. He can make it a lot easier by staying put on Boston but pundits are saying the struggles and disappointment that Irving had encountered while playing for the team should be enough for him to yearn for a big change.

Another plate on the table is to reunite with James, who last year jumped from Cleveland to Hollywood. However, Irving teaming up anew with James and suit up for the Los Angeles Lakers appears to be a long shot. Such a scenario is very remote, according to CBS Sports, adding that the Lakers are far below from the list of NBA clubs that the hotshot Celtic is considering.

It might as well that Irving will not move a muscle and stick with the Celtics rather than play ball again with King James. In fact, speculations are rife that the former NBA champ, on the account of his stint with the Cavaliers, is keener to head out further east and bring his game to the New York Knicks.

However, if there is one team that really piques Irving's interest, it has to be the Brooklyn Nets. The franchise, according to, is certainly on the player's cross-hair and the latter will certainly serve a big boost to the team. Of the five teams that have expressed deep interest in getting the talented Irving, the Nets occupy the top spot, the report added.

But Brooklyn landing Irving will be creating complications because of another star in the Nets ranks known as D'Angelo Russel. For starters, Russel and Irving in the same team will result in a salary cap dilemma for Brooklyn front office, according to Yahoo Sports.

Then there's the obvious duplication of roles as both players are classified and comfortable on playing point guard. If the Nets would be the choice for Irving then the team will have to make the hard decision on who would best fit for the team's design.

Yahoo said the Nets would be prudent to go for Irving then build the team around him. The next move is to lure in another superstar and one great choice would be Kevin Durant, who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors in the west. Kawhi Leonard or Jimmy Butler can be courted too if KD proved hard to bait, the report added.

Truth be told, any of the three partnering with Kyrie Irving will give the Brooklyn Nets a good shot at the NBA title next year.

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