'Sherlock' Season 5: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman Could Reunite; Will Robert Downey Jr Appear?

Sherlock Season 5
Though BBC has not confirmed "Sherlock" Season 5 yet, some cast of the series has already expressed their desires to reprise their roles. (Photo: Sherlock/Facebook)

Many fans are still clamoring about the yet-to-be-confirmed Sherlock Season 5 despite the fact that there are no concrete details revealed about it yet up to this writing.  Series co-creators Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat have made it clear that nothing has been finalized yet. However, this did not stop fans from creating theories and predictions on what is likely to transpire in the show's fifth installment.

Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat, candidly, stated that they are not doing other projects while filming the Dracula series. In other words, though they have initial plans for Sherlock Season 5, nothing will be executed yet since they wanted to focus on what they are working on currently. "We're not going to do Sherlock whilst we're doing Dracula," Steven told RadioTimes in a previous interview. "That means audiences will have to wait two more years for Sherlock - if it returns at all," he went on.

Besides Mark and Steven's hectic schedule, another possible reason why Sherlock Season 5 got delayed is the alleged rift between two of the series' main cast. Rumors have it that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman might not be on good terms right now after the latter stated that the show is not fun anymore because of the high expectations from their avid viewers. The Avengers: Endgame star was quick to respond to Martin's statement.

"It's pretty weak to blame that on fans," Benedict Cumberbatch told Radio Times. "You're either along for the ride or not, and I think to be kowtowing would, in some cases, disappoint fans," the 42-year-old English actor went on. This, then, sparked speculations that Martin Freeman might not return in the show should the plans for Sherlock Season 5 push through.

Despite this, Martin Freeman claimed that there is still a big chance for the popular British crime drama television series to make a comeback. "I think there could possibly be more with [Sherlock] - but at the same time, the way that the last one ended did feel like, if there's more, it won't be for a wee while," the 47-year-old English actor-comedian told The Guardian. BBC, which airs the series, however, has yet to comment on Benedict and Martin's statements.

Since Robert Downey Jr. is returning in Sherlock Holmes 3 movie, there are also predictions that he might also appear on the television series' fifth installment. However, again, these speculations should be taken lightly until the BBC network makes an official announcement about it. For now, avid followers of the show should take these rumors with a grain of salt. Stay tuned to Business Times for more Sherlock Season 5 spoilers, predictions, theories, news, and updates.

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