Marijuana Users Are More Active Than Those Who Don't, Experts Say

Person holding green cannabis
Person holding green cannabis (Photo: Aphiwat chuangchoem/ Pexels)

Years ago, marijuana was only used as a cigarette in order to get high. But as time goes by, more and more people are learning more about this plant, which enables them to maximize its potential.

Nowadays, this herb has already been used in almost everything, even in food, as reported by Very Well Health. But did you know that aside from baked goods, marijuana topical, and medications, marijuana is also used as a workout fuel nowadays?

Though considered as a debatable topic at first, a recent study published in Frontiers in Public Health showed a proof how marijuana can influence a person to have more active lifestyle. Through the research, experts behind the study found that there are actually many people nowadays who likes to smoke weed before and after their workouts. As a result, these people are pushed to exercise more, as compared to those who don't smoke.

Throughout the course of the study, about 600 adults have participated coming from different states of the America such as Colorado, Nevada, California, Washington, and Oregon, where marijuana has been legalized. In the survey, the participants were asked how cannabis use affect their exercise routine, especially when it comes to motivation and recovery.

The result of the survey revealed how cannabis use has indeed helped and motivate the participants who are using marijuana to work out and exercise more. The data gathered revealed that participants who are using weed are actually more active than those who don't. As a matter of fact, cannabis users are spending an average time of 2.5 hours a week working out, while those who are not only dedicate about less than two hours a week.

"One of the barriers to physical is that people say, 'I don't like it. It's boring. It feels bad. I don't want to do it", says Angela Bryan, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. "If, for some people, cannabis is helping them to enjoy the activity more", then understanding and learning more about this study is worth it, she added.

Despite the positive effects that it could give to people who want to have an active lifestyle, Bryan still doesn't recommend people to smoke weed in order to start their routine. The expert explained using cannabis actually has several bad effects that can affect a person overtime.

Bryan shares two cannabis effects that could be risky for those who are having their workouts. According to the expert, being high because of marijuana negatively affects one person's motor function and balance, as reported by TIME. Furthermore, it can also cause palpitation in the heart. 

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