Canadian MP Reveals Woes Of Taking ‘Hit’ In U.S. Trades Against China

China US delegations
Chinese Vice Premier Liu He shakes hands with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin outside the office of the U.S. Trade Representative in Washington, U.S., May 9, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan)

Chinese and American delegations have kicked off a fresh round of trade talks that could end a months-long dispute but the Canadian delegation has started pressing its U.S. allies to resolve the issue with urgency because Canada has been taking some of the hits.

Chair of Canada's House of Commons and Liberal MP Mark Eyking said in an interview with Global News Canada that some members of the Canadian delegation agreed that there is an urgent need to let its U.S. allies know about the issues Ottawa has been involved in ever since the Trade dispute with China started.

"We're taking a hit for them big time," the MP argued, adding that it's not just in trade and bilateral cooperation at stake but also diplomatic ties with China and other countries affected by the ongoing disputes.

The House chief further explained that Washington is not aware of the sacrifices Ottawa has made and the price Canada is paying because of the issue. Eyking cited the Huawei dispute as another issue that it was dragged into because of the American government's rows with China.

"So they're just like, 'Canada's safe with us, we can pick that up anytime. Let's focus on we-gotta-show-China-who's-boss-here kind of thing,'" Eyking said. The Canadian MP added That Ottawa is hoping to see an urgent resolution to the China-US trade dispute so other topics of interest can be tackled.

Meanwhile, multiple outlets confirmed that US President Donald Trump has allowed for tariff increases on $200 billion Chinese imports as no breakthrough was achieved during the first day of trade talks in Washington.

According to CNBC News , analysts warned that the White House's move of going ahead with tariff hikes amid hopes for salvaging a trade deal could further ignite negativity among investors and later lead to a greater level of international economic distress.

Aside from increased fears over the negative impact of Trump's tariffs that will take effect on Saturday, American farmers have expressed impatience over the president's decisions since they want him to settle a deal with Beijing instead of pursuing moves that would fire up the dispute.

Economy watchers warned that the ongoing tensions will affect the US as much as it would have an impact on China, BBC News reported. American businesses are expected to bear the brut as Beijing has vowed retaliation even if it "deeply regrets" the Trump administration's decision .

Chinese products already in transit to the US will not be affected by the tariff increases. However, new imports starting May 10 will have to abide by the tax duties.

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