Jack Ryan Season 2
Amazon Prime's newest Tom Clancy classic adaptation, "Jack Ryan", renewed for two more installments. (Photo: JackRyanAmazon/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for Jack Ryan Season 2.

Just right before the summer of 2018 ends, Amazon Prime released its newest classic Tom Clancy's novel adaptation, Jack Ryan. And in only a short period, the audience and viewership rating grew intensively. An increase of 400 percent in figures was seen just as after a few weeks of the release.

But even months before the actual premiere, Amazon Prime already saw the obvious success of the show. This is why the platform immediately renewed the show for another season.

Although there is no confirmation yet about the actual release date of Jack Ryan Season 2, it has been hinted that the show's return might happen this summer and possibly in August. This is only fitting though since the pilot season aired on the same month as well.

Jack Ryan is an adaptation to Tom Clancy's novel of the same title. While Tom Clancy's name is one of the factors that played a huge role in the success of the show, another variable that the platform considers is the cast members of the series. And specifically, the lead actors.

John Krasinski plays the role of Jack Ryan in the web series. And his apparent and massive success from his film, A Quiet Place, has become a huge factor as well to the overall promising reception of Jack Ryan.

And since the series is getting more popular these days, Amazon Prime already ensured its future by ordering another season. Hence, Jack Ryan Season 3 is already sealed which is great news for all the fans of Tom Clancy and Jack Ryan.

In the novels, the next adventure of Jack Ryan will be focused on Russia and the Cold War. But since the synopsis is already out for Prime's Jack Ryan Season 2, it seems that the production shifted its course a little bit from the novels. Nevertheless, Jack Ryan is hinted to be in Moscow when the next season arrives on the platform.

On the finale of Jack Ryan Season 1, Jim Greer was transferred to Moscow and became the Chief Station. With his transfer, he invited Jack Ryan to come over and leave the CIA permanently.

Although there are no clear indications yet that he will leave the CIA headquarters for good, Greer's invitation opens new doors for Jack Ryan to fulfill what happened in the novels. But it seems that the next season will take its plot from Moscow to South America according to the official synopsis.

Even so, the fans are still happy to learn that the plot is sticking with Jack Ryan's adventures in the novels because, as it happens, Ryan took down the South American drug cartel and the U.S. government in one of Tom Clancy's famous novels, Clear and Present Danger.