'Sneaky Pete' Deemed As An Underrated Prime Web Series Per Critics, New Season Arrives Today

Sneaky Pete Season 3
Amazon Prime releases a new season of "Sneaky Pete." (Photo: SneakyPeteTV/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for Sneaky Pete.

Amazon Prime has been getting a lot of attention lately. With its growing platform and number of series materials, it only goes to show that most of its series and films are naturally great. In fact, one of its original series has been deemed as one of today's most underrated series.

Sneaky Pete has been an "under-appreciated" material from Amazon Prime as per Screen Rant. This is partly because the streaming platform is still young in terms of its existence in the industry. Not to mention, this series is only exclusive for the platform's members.

Even so, it has been found that this fun crime drama series created by Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and David Shore has become one of the many reasons why series lovers are coming to Amazon Prime. Along with Jack Ryan which is already set for its second season, Sneaky Pete is seen to be one of the greatest factors as to why Prime is blooming these days.

Apparently, the pilot season of Sneaky Pete first arrived on the platform in 2015. Having only 10 episodes in its first season, it already opened new doors for the production and the streaming platform. This is why a year after, Sneaky Pete Season 2 premiered and continued the plot where it last left off.

As it appears, the first two seasons of the crime drama web series showed the events that happened to Marius within only a two-week time frame. And with a total of 20 episodes, his journey within the said scope has already made an impression to the audience of the show.

Based on the viewership ratings, it seems that the series has a real gem hidden beneath the plot. This is probably the reason Amazon Prime renewed the show and ordered a new installment. In fact, Sneaky Pete Season 3 is now available on Amazon Prime. And within less than 24 hours, it already gathered fans of its own.

Just like the first two seasons, only members of the platform are allowed to watch the series. Nevertheless, the critics, who were able to watch the first two episodes of the new season before the premiere, charge most of its audience to watch the show. And see for themselves the real beauty that lies within the series.

As per the official synopsis and critical reception, the new season will tackle the identities of each character in the plot. And for Marius, these crises will pave ways for danger to arise.

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