The Blacklist Season 6
"The Blacklist" Season 6 is expected to end with the ultimate revelation of the season with a major twist. (Photo: NBCBlacklist/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 22.

Things are becoming more intense with The Blacklist Season 6. And with the penultimate episode which just finished its course a few hours ago, it seems that things are becoming more complicated than ever.

As you may know, Red's identity of being Ilya was already presented and revealed in the previous episodes. This caused Dembe to ultimately leave Red's side while Liz shockingly accepts the man that Red was.

This plot was surprising as to why it was revealed early on the season. But then again, The Blacklist Season 6 is full of shocking twists that can shake the viewers' inner core. Hence, there is a huge chance that this is not the real endgame yet. Cartermatt believes that this is not Red's true identity at all and the season finale might finally unveil everything about Red's past.

In the penultimate episode of The Blacklist Season 6, every fan witnessed how almost every character in the plot ran after the flash drive that contained the conspiracy plans against the United States. Although the fact that the President and his adviser, Anna McMahon, are involved in this conspiracy is already a shocking revelation, what made it so much more interesting is the fact that Red is also looking after the flash drive for his agenda.

Does the drive also contain his ultimate identity? Is there any reason why he is after the drive as well aside from being head of the Task Force?

These are only some of the apparent questions that every fan is asking right now after watching the latest episode. And it is only suitable to formulate such questions considering that The Blacklist Season 6 tends to give unexpected plots with twists inside another twist.

As for the finale, there is a possibility that Red's real identity might finally be unveiled in the last few moments of the season. And there is speculation that the drive possesses life-altering information that could affect everyone, especially Red and Liz.

The season finale carries the title, Robert Diaz. And based on the recent events of the plot, it seemingly appears that the finale will focus on Robert Diaz and his wife together with their involvement in the said conspiracy.

Of course, there is a hunch that these events will lead to the ultimate revelation of the season that may open newer and wider doors for The Blacklist Season 7.

The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 22 is set to air on May 17, on NBC.