'Last Man Standing' Season 8 Ordered, Showrunner Revealed New Network Breathed New Life To The Show

Last Man Standing Season 8
Thanks to FOX and the fandom, things are looking good for "Last Man Standing" as per the showrunner. (Photo: LastManStandingFOX/Facebook)

The dismay and disappointment of the fans manifested greatly a few months back when ABC canceled Last Man Standing for good. The cancellation for the seventh season has become a real surprise to everyone, especially to the fans. And this is because Last Man Standing was doing great in the network from its pilot season to the sixth season.

But thanks to the undying support and effort of the fandom, a petition having a million signatures was filed which caused FOX to pick-up the show and continue its seventh season. And as it happens, Last Man Standing Season 7 did great on its new network. Its season finale just aired a couple of days ago. And today, the whole fandom is now looking forward to Last Man Standing Season 8.

On April of this year, FOX announced that Last Man Standing is renewed for another season along with its other shows. This is because the network saw how the success of the sitcom grew massively in just one season of renewal. As it appears, the viewership numbers and ratings dramatically increased when it landed on FOX.

For an average of 8 million viewers per episode in comparison to the 6 to 7 million figures when it was still airing on ABC, there is no doubt as to why FOX would love to continue the sitcom for another season.

In an interview with TV Line, the showrunner, Kevin Abott, revealed several things about the Last Man Standing Season 8 and its previously concluded installment. And based on his own words, Abott claimed that the show along with the production bloomed in so many ways that never happened in its previous seasons.

He also shared in the interview that the latest season of the show felt even more alive, fresher, and newer that it's as if they are still in the first few seasons. Abott further revealed that upon entering the FOX family, everything just simply clicked. From brainstorming ideas and writing the stories, there were never problems during the process. He also concluded that the latest installment of series had become one of his favorite seasons of all time.

Aside from discussing Last Man Standing Season 7, he also shared a few insights about the upcoming Last Man Standing Season 8. And it seemingly appears that everyone is all geared up for the new season of the sitcom.

As per reports, there are speculations that Last Man Standing Season 8 might arrive in between the last few months of 2019 and early months of 2020.

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