Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki, who is the husband of Song Hye Kyo, is going to return to the small screens soon. (Photo: tvN D ENT/YouTube Screenshot)

Breaking News: Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Devoice Rumors Come Ture, Song-Song Couple Ending Their Marriage

Many fans are now thrilled about the imminent comeback of Song Joong Ki to the small screens. Though the series received backlash due to the cast and crew's alleged long hours of work, recent reports suggest that the new series of Song Hye Kyo's husband is going to hit the televisions soon. Because of this, devoted followers of the 33-year-old Hallyu star are wondering what Joong Ki could offer in the new show.

For starters, the new project of Song Joong Ki is titled Arthdal Chronicles. Spoilers suggested that this forthcoming tVN series is going to feature the story of the people in the city of Arthdal who became legends for themselves. Besides Song Hye Kyo's better half, Jang Dong Gun is, also, considered as one of the leading actors of the new show.

Song Joong Ki will portray as Eun Seom, who would work very hard to protect his own tribe called Wahan. Jang Dong Gun, on the other hand, would play as Ta Gon, who is the son of a tribal leader. In the most recent trailer of the imminent Arthdal Chronicles, the husband of Song Hye Kyo and Dong Gun were seen getting down and dirty as they try to fight for their respective ethnic groups.

"Warrior of Wahan, listen to me! I wish to meet you," Jang Dong Gun's character told Eun Seom in the Arthdal Chronicles teaser. "I will save Wahan from Arthdal," Song Joong Ki's character said in one of the scenes. "I am Eum Seom, warrior of Wahan," he said in another scene.

The latest Arthdal Chronicles trailer showed that the characters of Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun are likely to bout against each other for their own tribes. The presence of arrows and burning battlefields, clearly, suggested that the upcoming new series would be packed with myriad of fight and action-packed scenes.

Meanwhile, Arthdal Chronicles was, previously, under fire for allegedly mistreating the staff. Hanbit Media Labor Rights announced, on April 9, that the network failed to provide satisfactory working conditions for the crew and requested the Seoul Employment and Labor Administration to check the working environment of the staff members.

"Staff members of 'Arthdal Chronicles' have suffered from too long hours of labor. We initially filed complaints, but nothing has improved. When it comes to filming abroad, staff worked over 20 hours a day," an unnamed Hope Labor Union representative stated. "A staff member who works with lights has suffered a fracture because of this. The incident occurred due to long hours and not the individual worker's attention," it added. Neither the management nor Song Joong Ki and the other cast has commented on these allegations.

Besides Joong Ki and Dong Gun, other stars who would appear on Arthdal Chronicles include Kim Ok Bin and Kim Ji Won. The new tvN series is set to air on June 1, 2019. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.