'My Hero Academia' Chapter 228: Will Dabi Fight His Own Brother For A Deathmatch?

My Hero Academia
"My Hero Academia" Chapter 228 is reportedly giving the best highlight for the current arc. Is it because Dabi will fight to death? (Photo: MyHeroAcademia/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 288.

In the past few chapters of the current volume, it seemingly appears that almost all the significant antagonists of the arc are witnessing the apparent improvement of their respective powers and strengths. The last chapter showed Shigaraki's past and how he was able to enhance his decaying powers.

Looking back at the previous chapters of the Meta Liberation Army arc, My Hero Academia is on the path of introducing its main antagonists. And as the introduction goes, the end of the chapter always show new character developments, especially for the villains.

Both fans of manga and television series have already witnessed Toga's ultimate transformation. As it happens, she can not only transform into someone else's appearance, but she can now also utilize their respective abilities as well. And for the latest, the fandom saw Shigaraki's improvements in My Hero Academia Chapter 227 as well.

According to Econo Times, Deku's increasing strength is the reason behind. So while Deku is harnessing all of his powers and abilities, the current arc for My Hero Academia focuses on getting to know the villains and antagonists of the series. Also, how their powers enhance as time passes by.

At the end of the latest chapter, it is already hinted that someone new from the series will arise to fight with Dabi. And based on the recent critics and reports, it seems that this upcoming "deathmatch" will give Dabi his big break for this arc.

The one who has the intent to fight him in the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia is still unknown. It seems that his identity will be kind of a twist for the plot considering that he arrived in the scene with his mysterious hood. Even so, it has been revealed already that his powers are focused mainly on ice.

From these short glimpses of what will happen in the next chapter, some of the fans have speculated that this unknown character is much closer to Dabi than anyone could be. This is because there are theories that state that this hooded person is Shoto's younger brother who goes by the name of Natuso.

If this is going to be the case, then the next chapter of the manga series will be so much more interesting since, as you may know, Dabi is Shoto's eldest brother. Hence, the upcoming deathmatch will possibly be a fight between two brothers.

While a deathmatch is expected, many fans are speculating that no one will meet their demise in the next chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 228 is set to arrive on May 20. But the manga scans of the chapter will arrive on May 17.

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