'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 5 Features The Biggest Battle Of The Series, Not Episode 3

Game of Thrones Season 8
The second to the last episode of "Game of Thrones" Season 8 is arriving. (Photo: GameOfThrones/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains major spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8.

The latest season of Game of Thrones has become the most controversial season ever. And with its latest episodes, a lot of the fans are criticizing that the series may have possibly lost its impressive course. Even so, many have remained loyal to the show. But who knows what's in store for the upcoming episodes, right?

As it happens, there are now only two episodes left for the whole course of Game of Thrones. And the penultimate installment might just change everything.

The first episode of the current season has become the most glorious moment for everyone. The emotional reunions and shocking revelations are all so much apparent at the start of the season. And this makes it a promising episode. But then, the expectations have never been met for most of the fans when the succeeding episodes arrived. And so much more when the so-called Battle of Winterfell that happened on The Long Night episode premiered on HBO.

The whole fandom expected more, especially on the Night King's part. And while Arya's "greatest" kill has become a victorious moment for most of the fans, others, however, criticize that this episode is not entirely the one that they can call as the greatest battle ever.

The critics and ratings for this episode remain to be divided and controversial. And when the latest episode of Game of Thrones arrived last Sunday, the disappointment and dismay grew even more. Accordingly, some of the fandoms are taking that the show may not end well. Nevertheless, there are still two episodes left that may change the course of the plot.

The upcoming episode of the series is most likely to feature the battle between Cersei and Daenerys. And since the Dragon Queen's possible madness is now depicted to be the show's endgame, there are reports that claim that the upcoming battle will be the biggest battle of the series.

Quite interestingly, it is worth noting that the greatest battles are always featured in the second the last episode of a season. Remember Blackwater, Hardhome, and The Battle of The Bastards? These impressive battles are always featured on the penultimate episode.

And since the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 is just arriving, this episode might be the twist that everyone's looking forward to. And probably, this might be the greatest battle of the season that they are referring to.

Besides, when the showrunners mentioned that the biggest battle of the series would be included in the final season, they did not mention which episode. And it seems that the fandom just expected that the biggest and greatest battle would be the one featured in The Long Night.

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