Knightfall on History Channel
Will there be a season renewal for "Knightfall"? (Photo: KnightfallHISTORY/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for Knightfall Season 2.

Knightfall is one of the few scripted series that History Channel is currently offering. Although the show's pilot season is seen as one of today's most underrated courses, it still received its green light for a second season from the network.

On March 25 of this year, the second season premiered having only a total of eight episodes. And the finale is expected to arrive on May 13 which is now just a few days away from today. Hence, the avid viewers and fans of Knightfall are now asking if there will be a new season waiting for them.

As it happens, there are no confirmations yet from History Channel if they will be renewing the show. But if looking at the numbers and ratings alone, there is a huge chance that Knightfall might get canceled due to the significant decrease.

When the first season arrived on the network, it played out so good considering that it obtained almost half a million viewers per episode on an average note. This is a very significant figure for History Channel since the network is just new to the scripted series industry. While they have Vikings as their frontrunner in scripted series, the network is very much young for this line.

There are so many expectations for the show when the pilot season ended in 2018. But it seems that the fans got dismayed when the second season entered the network. As it appears, there is an apparent decline in numbers by almost 50 percent. And if renewal decisions are based on these factors alone, then there is a huge chance that the show might not be renewed at all.

However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the showrunners of Knightfall stated that there are a lot more stories to tell in the show. And this might be a hint that there would be a new season after all.

It is also worth noting that History Channel tends to announce its show's renewal updates after a few months of the final episode premiere. When the first season ended in February 2018, the renewal announcement arrived after six months. So, it seemingly appears that updates for Knightfall Season 3 will be given in the last quarter of 2019. Hence, it still too early to confirm.

As for the finale of the second season, it appears that Isabella will be the well-known She-Wolf of France based on theories and speculations. Furthermore, the showrunners also hinted that there would be possible deaths when the installment concludes.