Brooklyn Nine-Nine
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 7 is now sealed by NBC. (Photo: BrooklynNineNine/Facebook)

The Andy Samberg comedy sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become one of the few series that captivated the hearts of many. With its infamous cancellation from FOX after Season 5, the comedy series became even more popular when it entered the NBC network.

During its course from FOX, the show received tons of awards and recognition from many organizations. However, these did not become a factor to consider for the network when it decided to cancel the show for good.

Luckily and with the help of the fans, NBC immediately picked up the show in no less than 24 hours after the announced cancellation. And as a result, Brooklyn Nine-Nine's fanbase grew, even more, when it aired its sixth season on its new network.

NBC shared that their newly picked-up comedy sitcom has now become their leading comedy material of all time. With an increase of 70 to 80 percent in ratings, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become a promising series in the industry.

While the show is continuing to flourish even more these days, the showrunner revealed that they are now always prepared for a cancellation. As it happens, there will be no cliffhangers on the sixth season finale as preparation if ever their new network will cancel the show.

In an interview with TV Guide, Dan Goor revealed that they have already learned their lesson from FOX's infamous cancellation. This is why they are no longer writing cliffhangers since it will be really bad for the show and the fans if ever they will be left hanging when a future cancellation happens.

If you would recall, Season 5 ended with Amy and Jake getting married. And this is a good finale for the show. But the storylines for the other characters, especially for Captain Holt's end, there are a lot of loose ties. So when the cancellation was announced that time, they felt really bad.

Accordingly, these incidents taught them to avoid cliffhangers in the future. Nevertheless, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is now renewed by NBC for a new season.

A month after the premiere of the sixth season, NBC finally announced that a new season of the show would arrive on the network. But since the show is still up and running for two more episodes, the details for the new season are yet to be revealed.

Even so, this is already good news for the fans that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will have its seventh season on NBC.