Taylor Swift New Album: TS7 Might Feature Selena Gomez, Troye Sivan, Drake, Dixie Chicks, And Faith Hill, Jacket Buttons Are Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift New Album
Taylor Swift attached buttons and pins on her jacket featuring the faces of many artists and celebrities. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

Taylor Swift's upcoming album is getting more attention lately. Thanks to her famous "Easter egg," the whole Swifties fandom cannot help it but continue decoding the hints and clues given.

Her latest single, ME! along with its music video, contains a lot of clues according to Taylor Swift herself. She mentioned that the lyrics of the song contain the title of her next single. Along with the second single, she also revealed that the name of her album is on the music video. As for the details of her seventh album, dates, themes and other things about it are also hinted in the music video.

With these clues at hand, it just makes everyone so eager to decode everything. Although she has not yet confirmed the circulation theories and speculations, Taylor Swift already revealed that some of them are right.

In her latest interview with Entertainment Weekly, another set of clues were given to the fans. Not to mention, the jacket that she wore for the cover of the magazine contains the biggest Easter eggs for her next album.

Quite obviously, these Easter eggs in her jacket are simply the buttons and pins attached featuring several words, faces, and images of different things. But the most striking images from these pins and buttons are the faces of Selena Gomez, Troye Sivan, Drake, and Faith Hill.

The words Dixie Chicks are also seen in one of these pins. It is worth noting that the music video of ME! features a photo of the Dixie Chicks during the first part.

Accordingly, many fans have theorized that the upcoming album of Taylor Swift will feature her collaborations with these artists. It only fits though since there is no other reason why she would attach their faces on her jacket. And everyone knows how Taylor loves to give out hints and clues to her fans about her works.

Aside from these faces of the mentioned celebrities and artists, the other pins and buttons are faces of actresses from various television series. These shows include Friends, Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, and Law & Order.

Taylor Swift mentioned that Game of Thrones became an inspiration to her when she wrote her latest album, Reputation. Hence, this could mean that the other shows featured on her jacket might be references as well to her upcoming album.

Even so, these are only hunches and speculations. And things will further unveil once the album drops soon.

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