Disneyland Reveals New Annual Pass: Is It Worth Buying For $599?

The new Flex Pass will be on sale starting on May 21 for $599.
The new Flex Pass will be on sale starting on May 21 for $599. (Photo: Disneyland/Facebook)

Disneyland has a new annual pass for its regular customers, but is it worth buying for $599? Disney's theme park will now require their guests to make bookings before they come to the place, but it comes with a new set of rules.

Disneyland's new Flex Pass can only be used on Mondays to Thursdays. On these days, guests' visits come without restrictions. But on weekends or during peak months, like summer season, visitors with Flex Pass have to log onto the park's website or resort's phone app to book a reservation.

The new Flex Pass will be on sale starting on May 21 for $599. On the same day, guests who hold the new pass can already use it. Disneyland's new pass has the benefits of Disneyland's $399 SoCal Select plan that still has several restrictions and the $799 Deluxe plan that doesn't possess many block-out dates, per Deseret News.

With the new Flex Pass, Disney is hoping guests will have more flexibility in planning their trips to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure that will let the theme park have crowd control. The company's main goal is to polish the demand that differs throughout the year, depending on "school schedules, seasonal events, annual passholder block-out dates, and the whims of the calendar."

There are theories that the Flex Pass will give Disneyland visitors access every day of the year, except for the weeks nearing Christmas. It is also possible that there will be 200 days that they can miss in a year. So, is it worth buying?

According to Orange County Register, Disneyland's new Flex Pass can either be a good deal or a bad one depending on what kind of a pass holder you are. It will depend if you are an occasional visitor or a frequent guest and your need of it.

If you usually plan before you visit Disneyland and love to see the park every so often, the Flex Pass will be of great use for you. But if you are a procrastinator who doesn't plan and decides to go to the park at the last minute when you just feel like it, or it is the peak season, then SoCal Select pass is the one good for you.

Disneyland's new Flex Pass can be confusing to visitors who want to avail. The use of it will depend on how good you are on planning your visits, monitoring calendar updates, and the gaming system.

Disney reportedly will set a cap on the number of Flex reservations that will be available every day. Unfortunately, pass holders will not know about it as it will not reveal how to calculate it. The company can also block an entire group of passholders anytime it wants without the need of explaining.  

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