NBA Rumors: New Lakers Coaching Thrust Boosts Chances Of Irving Signing

Kyrie Irving has been hearing it from the basketball world, most criticizing how subpar his performance was in their NBA Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Milwaukee Bucks. Although the Boston Celtics are filled with several talents that could step up, the fact that Uncle Drew knows what it takes to lead a team the NBA Finals has been brought out in the open.

As of this writing, Irving's next stop will only be known on July 1. The 27-year-old has been repeatedly hounded by questions on where he may end up next and the consensus is that Irving will either join the Los Angeles Lakers or the New York Knicks. Curiously, the Lakers initially seemed like a team that had remote chances, that was until Irving and LeBron James started communicating once more.

NBC Sports singled out how Irving bolted the Cleveland Cavaliers because he did not want to play behind James. Kyrie has since apologized for that tantrum and the whole issue was made even more twisted with suggestions from a Bill Simmons podcast that the top overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft seems to have a beef with Tyronn Lue and not James.

As most know by now, Frank Vogel will formally call the shots for the Lakers with Jason Kidd serving as his assistant. It seems that the new coaching thrust has drawn the interest of several free-agent bound cagers and Irving could be one of them. In fact, the one-time NBA Champion is allegedly discussing the possibility of now reuniting with James in Hollywood, ESPN said.

This, of course, remains a rumor, meaning there are still scenarios where Irving could stick with the Celtics or join the Knicks. Joining the Knicks came out because there is a widespread growing belief that the All-Star guard would be combining forces with Kevin Durant - yet another big name in NBA free agency. Like Irving, the Durant decision will also be closely monitored.

Worth noting is the fact that Durant recently got injured in their series against the Rockets. While the Golden State Warriors without the former NBA MVP, his health heading into free agency could factor in. Irving, like most NBA stars, wants to win immediately. The Lakers and the Knicks are technically rebuilding although the health of who Irving will share the limelight may factor in.

Hence, it may all boil down to who between James and Durant will be healthy enough to start the 2019-20 NBA season. James seems to have good chances because the Lakers did not make the playoffs and have plenty of time to recuperate. The case is different for KD who may even return to help the Dubs if they go on to reach the NBA Finals anew.

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