Park Bo Gum And Go Kyung Pyo Shows Off Bromance In Adorable Photo

Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo
These two wholesome actors even have a wholesome relationship! (Photo: kopular/Instagram)

They say celebrity friends come and go. They work together in one project, start a friendship, but eventually lose contact with each other as one or both of them suddenly become busy with a new opportunity.

With that said, it is quite refreshing to see Park Bo Gum And Go Kyung Pyo together despite the latter currently being in the military. The pair proved that friendships can, in fact, last in the celebrity world.

Go Kyung Pyo enlisted in the military last year on May 21, but he and Park Bo Gum didn’t let that stop their close bond. The 28-year-old actor and comedian took to Instagram to share the reunion with his pal. He captioned the snap, “A good person who bought me beef when I was on break from the military.”


In the picture, Park Bo Gum And Go Kyung Pyo smiled from ear to ear, clearly enjoying each other’s company. Although they probably haven’t seen each other for quite a while after Go Kyung Pyo started his mandatory enlistment, they still look very comfortable, which could mean that they have kept in touch.

Park Bo Gum And Go Kyung Pyo are known to have developed their friendship while filming the movie The Admiral, Chinatown, and the drama Reply 1988 together. Since then, their friendship has only continued to grow.

In late 2017, Park Bo Gum And Go Kyung Pyo were seen in the United States and Canada. The 25-year-old actor even arranged his schedule to make this trip in the midst of his busy schedule at the time. They are so close that Park Bo Gum even made a surprise appearance at Go Kyung Pyo’s fan meeting in the past.

As if fans need more convincing regarding how genuine their friendship is, Go Kyung Pyo opened up about his special bromance with the Love in the Moonlight actor. He said that, "Park Bo Gum is a special dongseng (younger brother) to me. We became a family on Reply, but he's like an actual family to me too. He's young, but I have things to learn from him. He's reliable, and he's a friend I could rely on. He's a person I have more feelings for than just as a dongseng, friend, and fellow actor. I hope he succeeds even more."

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