Starbucks Enters Crypto Partnerships With ‘Bitcoins For Frap’

There have been many believers of crypto currency that have bee recently mapping out their movements. Crypto partnerships have been formed between realtors, bankers, and, more recently, a famous coffeehouse chain. According to Coin Telegraph Starbucks have certainly given a boost to blockchain and cryptocurrency, in general, because of its reputation.

Reports have come in that Starbucks is formalizing its intention to serve its drinks for payments of BTC. The company has also made its intentions known through its partnership with software giant Microsoft, which will track its 'beans' through a blockchain-powered platform. Sources have said that Starbucks might start accepting payments in BTC in the US later this year.

Does this also mean that crypto currency is finally breaking through the mainstream? It does look that way, with CEO Howard Schultz seemingly 'realizing' a vision when he discussed the subject way back in 2018. That time, though, Schultz was on the other side of the fence, sharing skepticism that cryptocurrency will ever be accepted by the mainstream.

From what it appears, however, Starbucks is just the start. Companies from Nordstrom to Whole Foods Market have been brought up as potential BTC payment accepters. Null TX reported that the news is a product of a partnership between payments startup Flexa and Gemini, a New York-based crypto exchange.

The partnership to use bitcoin goes through Flexa's 'Spedn' mobile app. The app is available on smartphones where people will be able to use it just like Apple and Google's payment wallets. The app has built-in support for a wide variety of cryptos ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the numerous off-shoots of these two major crypto varieties.

This could be a picture of what could potentiall happen in the future. Over the years, the acceptance of cryptocurrency for maintstream payments had grown. Real estate has a working form of cryptocurrency payments, while others have made integrations to accept crypto payments for their goods or services globally.

That being said, cryptocurrency is a very volatile form of money. Some businesses have gone from believers to doubters simply based on its unsure nature as well as the low number of customers who are interested in using it. However, with such mainstream outlets such as the coffee giant, the hope remains that this could finally be the break crypto and BTC is waiting for.

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