OnePlus 7 Pro Makes Apple And Samsung The New Nokia?

OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus 7 Pro (Photo: OnePlus/Facebook)

OnePlus 7 Pro was revealed today as a 6'5-inch edge phone with the most vivid screen that responds with a new level of smoothness. The new flagship operates without any imperfection, too good to be placed behind S10 and iPhone X, especially if it's priced at $699.

By launching this premium flagship, OnePlus is headstrong in standing on the same line with today's leading phone brands. And it has benchmarked its competitors very well.

Back and front glass with curved edges--it's clear that OnePlus 7 Pro borrowed some designer's wisdom from Galaxy Edge series. But the built and color is still very much, OnePlus.

The screen is the star of the show. Covering the entire front, it's immersive with extra brightness and might just be what you need to finish "Game of Thrones" next Monday. It's OLED, and it has a few color calibration presets. So if you ever need to rewatch "The Battle of Winter" and it gets too dark, then the few sliders to customize color profile will make a world of difference.

Meanwhile, the motorized pop-up selfie camera is a neat rare trick, reports The Verge. OnePlus 7 launches today in simultaneous events in New York, London, and Bangalore.

Beginning May 16, the two coveted handsets will be sold in pop-up booths across critical cities globally. Among the locations are Berlin, London, Rome, Madrid, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm, and many others. Snacks, drinks, prizes, and surprises await. Accessories will be available, possibly at promo prices.

OnePlus has not one but two new flagships this year: OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. An upgrade from OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 promises a "new era of fast and smooth."

But OnePlus 7 will only bear slight upgrades, and the real deal is OnePlus 7 Pro. In a nutshell, the more affordable model will pack few camera and visual revamps from the its already impressive predecessor, reports T3. "Smooth is more challenging than Fast - a true test of hardware and software," hints OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in a Tweet

Meanwhile the launch of two phones could be a sneaky way to rack-up prices of the previously underrated brand. In the UK, the pop-up happens on May 17 in a rooftop garden atop John Lewis and Partners' flagship store on Oxford Street in London. Doors open at the Old Cavendish Street entrance at noon. YouTube star Mrwhosetheboss will feature in the event.

For a thorough schedule of OnePlu pop-ups, kindly visit the OnePlus' Official Website.

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