Manny Pacquiao Fight Against Keith Thurman Could Be Last Hurrah For Loser

Manny Pacquiao will return to the boxing ring on July 20 against Keith Thurman, an opponent that most believed deserved to face the eight-time division champion. Although "One Time" holds an undefeated record, it remains that he had a poor showing against his last opponent, Josesito Lopez.

Regardless, that is something that does not concern Pacquiao. According to Sean Gibbons, the 40-year-old Filipino boxing icon wanted the best possible opponent and Thurman was it, Boxing Scene said. Prior to the decision, Danny Garcia was the other possible boxer in consideration. But if one is to compare Garcia and Thurman, a previous fight where the latter emerged victorious likely helped in making the decision-making process easier.

Thurman has youth on his side although that is no assurance that he can defeat the Pac-Man. Pacquiao has shown in his last fights that he still possesses the speed and power behind his punches, a lesson learned by Adrien Broner back in January. Preparation will be key for Thurman if he is to come out with a win that could likely tell what comes next for him and the boxer-senator.

For his part, a win by Thurman will likely be redemption. He wants to erase that stigma of a poor last fight and prove to the world that he still has what it takes to be among the boxing greats in their division. The last thing he needs right now is to overlook what an older Pacquiao brings. A loss could seriously damage his career and self-confidence as a boxer.

On the other end, a loss by Pacquiao will likewise be costly. Should he bow to Thurman, retirement could be next for the Filipino boxing icon even though he previously said that he wants two more fights. But with his political commitments, a humbling loss at the hands of a dangerous foe in Thurman could put an end to his storied boxing career, said.

The main reason why Pacquiao chose Thurman is because he was impressed at his performance when he won over Danny Garcia. He feels that the 30-year-old American fighter matches his style although some feel that it may be a death wish of sorts.

Up ahead for Pacquiao and Thurman is a face-off in New York City, Manila Bulletin Sports said. They get to size each other up before they embark on a tedious press tour that is set to kick off early next week. Pacquiao will start training for Thurman on June 27 after the tour. As far as Thurman is concerned, there is no word on whether he has already started preparations although it won't be surprising if he has already.

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