Amazon Paying Employees To Resign From Company

(Photo: REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol)

Amazon employees were asked to quit from their regular job at the company but this can be something good as they will be offered a $10,000 business package on top of the three-month pay. This incentive scheme was designed for those who will voluntary resign from their job and was announced early this week.

Amazon created this offer to expand the company's Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program, where assistance is extended to those who would like to start their own delivery business. The company will also benefit from this as it will help them with moving packages to customers' homes. As explained on Fox Business, Amazon is increasing the stakes to boost the shipping time by turning to qualified employees for help in deliveries.

Through this program, Jeff Bezos' company will have more control in its deliveries since they will be simply passing the delivery service works to employees instead of using the U.S. postal service or UPS and other carriers. However, before quitting their job and grabbing the business opportunity being offered by Amazon, staff should consider the fact that startups cannot accept delivery requests other than from Amazon and Whole Foods.

Amazon revealed that since this scheme was initially announced last year, over 200 small businesses were already launched. This means that hundreds have already quit from their jobs in Amazon and opted to be their own boss through their very own business.

"We received overwhelming interest from tens of thousands of individuals who applied to be part of the Delivery Service Partner program, including many employees," Dave Clark, Amazon's senior vice president of worldwide operations, said via press release. "We've heard from associates that they want to participate in the program but struggled with the transition. Now we have a path for those associated with an appetite for opportunities to own their own businesses."

Amazon stated that Delivery Service Partners have a chance to gain around $1 million to $4.5 million per year once the business starts rolling smoothly and continuously acquire bulk work orders. However, the standard expected profits is just $75,000 to $300,000 a year.

There are people who already succeeded after being granted the opportunity like the former freight broker Milton Collier. He started his business in Atlanta just eight months ago, and now he has 120 staff and 50 vans to handle the daily delivery works. Collier is hiring more workers soon to accommodate the one-day shipping requests, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

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