The Enemy Within Season 1
The first season finale for "The Enemy Within" will premiere on May 20, on NBC. (Photo: NBCEnemyWithin/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain possible spoilers for NBC's The Enemy Within Episode 13.

The pilot season of The Enemy Within had shown promising viewership ratings and receptions when it first aired. And with its first season finale fast approaching, a lot of the fans are already wondering if NBC will renew the show for a new season.

Based on the schedule, NBC has included the show on their popular "May Sweeps" arrangement. And it seemingly appears that the audience is taking this as a positive thing that could be somehow a tell for a possible renewal.

There are no confirmations yet from the network about the show's renewal or cancellation. And little has been shared about this aspect of the show. Even so, many are hopeful that The Enemy Within will receive a second season order from NBC since the plot is getting more interesting and intense than when it first aired on television.

However, the decline in numbers of viewers has become very much apparent in the latest episode of the show. From its strong 5 million viewers, the show is now down to 3.6 million viewers. And with this kind of track, it is not pleasant to look at. Nevertheless, the show has not been canceled yet, so there is still hope for the fans and the show.

Also, there is still one episode left for its pilot season. And if things go well for the finale, then it will be surely good news for the fandom.

The finale for The Enemy Within Season 1 is set to air on May 20. And looking at the official synopsis of the episode, it appears that Shepherd's ultimate allegiance will be the focal point of the plot. It is only fitting though since the series started with her "treason" and moral dilemma. So, giving a good conclusion about her arc can be satisfying for the audience.

But if her storyline will be finally concluded on the first season, then it could mean that the show is no longer returning. Besides, she is the main character of the show. Accordingly, it is also possible that the plot would thicken during the finale of the first season of The Enemy Within.

All in all, these things will remain as mere speculations unless the show's finale finally arrives on the twentieth. So, surely, the fans will somehow know the future that awaits the show after the pilot season concludes.