Blindspot Season 4
Will NBC permanently pull "Blindspot" from its line of scripted shows? (Photo: NBCBlindspot/Facebook)

The popular "May Sweeps" has been creating a lot of noise lately. NBC decided to showcase its outstanding and high-rated series and shows in May. Starting from April 26 up to May 22, all of the shows scheduled on these dates will premiere their respective finales in one good sweep.

This decision has become a very iconic arrangement for NBC. But looking briefly at the schedules, it seems that the network has pulled the remaining episodes of Blindspot from the "May Sweeps."

As it happens, Blindspot Season 4 is originally set to air every Friday on the network. But then, NBC moved Blacklist Season 6 on its timeslot which pushed back the remaining episodes of the show on a much later schedule.

With this new arrangement at hand, Blindspot is now set to return on May 24 for its third to the last episode. As for its penultimate and finale episodes, these are scheduled in a back-to-back timeslot on May 31. So, this means that the series is now not included on the so-called "May Sweeps."

This decision made by NBC not long ago opened lots of discussions and speculations between the fans and the show. And based on hunches, many believe that the network will no longer renew Blindspot for a new season considering that it was pulled from the sweeps.

Although a possible cancellation is on the line for the show, it is worth remembering that these are just mere speculations and theories. Also, there are no confirmations yet if NBC will truly and permanently pull the show from its current state.

However, it is also worth considering that the show is not one of those highly rated scripted series from the network. This is one of the many possibles reasons why it has been pushed back to make way for the frontrunners. And based on numbers, Deadline revealed recently that Season 4 has been struggling with its viewership ratings.

Hence, there might be a chance that NBC will cancel the show for good. But even so, the series creator, Martin Gero, shared with TV Line what is bound to happen on its fourth season finale.

He unveiled that the upcoming finale will "reinvent" the show in many ways that no one would ever imagine. Moreover, he claimed that there would be a huge twist coming before it finally concludes. Therefore, it is quite safe to say the Blindspot is not ready yet to leave the television for good.