'The Society' Season 2 Possibilities, Netflix Set To Decide For Renewal Next Month

The Society on Netflix
New Netflix Teen Series, "The Society", received praises and good receptions. But will it receive a new season order? (Photo: netflixus/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains major spoilers for Netflix's The Society Season 2.

The Society is a new Netflix Original teen drama series that continues to catch the attention of many. This show has just been released a few days ago but it seems that the fanbase is now growing massively.

The plot of the show starts with a group of senior high school students who went out for a field trip. Along the way, something strange happened which made them decide to just go back to their hometown instead. But surprisingly, the whole town was empty when they reached their destination.

When they all found out that they are actually in a different place, it was then up to them to find out what really happened and how they end up in an alternate reality. But of course, the first season of The Society did not end with the whole group finding out what really went down to their town.

Although they were able to solve one mystery from the plot, the end of the first season still left them in an alternate reality. Accordingly, the viewers who were able to finish the whole season are now curious to learn whether The Society will have a new season or not.

As you may know, Netflix normally announces its renewal decisions after a month or two of the actual premiere of the show. And since this new teen drama series was just released on May 10, it is still too early to tell.

But with its compelling cliffhanger on the finale of the pilot season, everyone is positive that the streaming giant will order a second season from the production.

Nevertheless, it is still worth noting that not all shows that come with great cliffhangers receive a renewal from Netflix. This actually happened with Santa Clarita Diet when the streaming service cancelled the popular show after three seasons even when it had a great and compelling plot. So, it is still not clear if The Society will have a new season.

Many of the fans have actually compared this new teen drama series with Riverdale and Stranger Things. In fact, the plot seemingly appears to be somewhere in the middle of the two popular teen shows today. Hence, many individuals see that The Society will grow its viewership records and ratings as time pass by.

But while the general reception about the show is somehow looking pleasant and good, there are critics as well that state that this new show from Netflix has not offered something really new. And this actually divides the fans about the show's overall admission.

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