'Knightfall' Season 2 Concludes With Satisfying Open-Ended Finale, History Series Might Not Return For Another Season

Knightfall Season 2 finale
The second season finale of "Knightfall" ended with a great twist. (Photo: KnightfallHISTORY/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains major spoilers for Knightfall Season 2.

Knightfall has ended its second season with a glorious and redeeming plot twist. With Landry's escape from the flames with the remaining brothers, it seemed that he then fully consecrated himself to God. And what happened after were believed to be the works that have been given to him through divine intervention.

These works of him at the finale of the show have become real redemption for his character and the ones that surround him. After killing King Philip, even the exhaustion was apparent, this moment became his crowning glory to avenge Joan's death and secure his daughter's safety.

For the fans, this kind of ending is really impressive and satisfying. Although the things that could happen to Landry afterward is still in question, the second season finale of Knightfall gratified the fans' thirst for its plots and storylines.

Aside from Landry and King Philip, the hints about Isabella and her becoming as the She-Wolf of France based on facts of history had become more obvious when King Philip charged her to be a wolf and not a sheep. He also insisted for her to leave the country and continue the royalty in England.

While this arc caught the attention as well of the fans, the king's bidding on her leaving is also an impressive way to include in the finale. Hence, it seems that the conclusion of Knightfall Season 2 offers an open-ended, yet satisfying ending for the plot.

With these things at hand, it is just normal for the fans to be curious about the show's renewal. As it happens, there are no confirmations yet if History Channel will order a new season for the show.

But as you may know, the network tends to announce their renewal decisions over their shows after three to six months of the finale.

However, it is worth noting that Knightfall has become a very underrated scripted series today. And unfortunately, the viewership ratings had significantly decreased just before the second season ended. With a dramatic decline of over 50 percent, this is very bad news for the show.

Even so, the recent events that happened with Knightfall only showed that the series still has a lot to offer to its audience. But whatever the case for the show's future, the finale of the second season remains to be great and impressive.

And if ever the show gets canceled, the fans can surely take it (somehow) considering that the finale seemingly concluded everything in a very satisfying way.

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