Taylor Swift New Album 2019: Fans Reportedly Start To Lose Interest Over Eastern Egg Marketing Strategy

Taylor Swift's New Album
Did fans of Taylor Swift really lose interest over her "Easter Egg" marketing strategy? (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

Every Taylor Swift fan knows how the Look What You Made Me Do artist loves to give clues and hints about her music. And with her latest album lead-off single, ME!'s release, it seems that she has now overstepped the line when it comes to giving cryptic messages.

Apparently, before the arrival of ME!, Taylor Swift began to share a series of cryptic posts on Instagram to hype up the audience. Of course, the whole fandom became so excited with what's next for the pop star. And it is undoubted that these clues of hers to which she refers to as "Easter Eggs" became the talk of the town for the next few weeks.

Everyone's interest and curiosity have become very apparent. The artist herself continued to do this even after the release of her latest single. And now and then, she kept on giving out hints on where to look next.

She also revealed that there are three tiers of "Easter eggs" included on the music video of ME!. She also went on to further stressed out that some of the clues are hidden within a clue that is hidden inside another clue.

In the beginning, this is something fun to do. But after a few weeks of being immersed with these countless and never-ending clues, it looks like the fans are now losing their interest.

According to reports, Taylor Swift's "Easter eggs" have now become the point of ME!'s release, which is very risky in the industry as the actual point of her music now becomes pointless. Sure, some of the die-hard fans are still digging to learn more stuff about the upcoming album and second single. But for others, this kind of stuff becomes meaningless and pointless as per recent headlines.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this month, Taylor Swift shared how much she loved communication through her "Easter eggs." She also claimed that the "best messages" are the cryptic ones.

This has probably worked in several of her previous music and albums, but times are changing. And the more she tends to be mysterious about her music, the lesser it becomes interesting for the fans.

As it appears, certain studies in recent years have claimed that the current generation is now tired of the fantasy of perfection on social media. And it has become more obvious when ME!'s music video has gone viral in the past few weeks. As per The Guardian, the generation today aspires to be more real than be perfect.

Furthermore, these studies also claim that many people today are resisting the current trends like Taylor Swift's pastel-colored life with unicorns and rainbows.

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