Michael Schumacher Documentary To Debut In December: What To Expect

Michael Schumacher
Post-qualifying 3rd for the 2012 Malaysian F1 Grand Prix (Photo: exit 1979/Flickr)

An upcoming Michael Schumacher documentary is set to tell the story of the world's greatest Formula One driver. The documentary, called simply "Schumacher," is to be released in Europe in December followed by an American debut in early 2020.

It is reported by European media that a trailer for the upcoming documentary will be featured at the Cannes Film Festival this month. Schumacher fans are up for never-before-seen footage of the enigmatic racer and his family. It is said that the documentary may also feature videos of the F1 star's 50th birthday celebration this year.

If the reports are true, it would be the first glimpse of Schumacher since his tragic accident in 2013. The legendary racer fell and hit his head while skiing, leaving him in a medically induced coma for three months.

The Formula One racer is still recovering. He has not been seen in public and reportedly will not be featured in the documentary. However, fans will be delighted of the feature interviews with Schumacher's family, including his wife, Corrina. The racer's current health condition will not be addressed in the film.

In nearly six years since the accident, Schumacher's family had been secretive of the star's health. He is said to remain dependent on a team of carers and doctors in his Switzerland residence. There are very little updates provided by his family, friends, and colleagues since the accident. Corrina and Schumacher's father, Rolf, and his children are reportedly to be part of the production.

The Michael Schumacher documentary reportedly has the full blessing of the family. The Schumacher family is reported by the German media to have worked closely with award-winning filmmakers Hanns-Bruno Kammertons and Michael Wech. Both will also be interviewed in the documentary.

The film will recap the racer's achievement throughout the years and will not focus on his life after the skiing accident. Schumacher ruled F1 in the years 2000 through 2004. In those years, he bagged five consecutive World Championships. He won seven World Championships all in all, competed in 91 races and won, with a total of 19 seasons in total. To this day, no other driver has matched Schumacher's race win and championship records.

 "The film portrays not just an incomparable career, but also the many facets of a complex man," producers of the documentary said. It will not only portray him as a racer, but also as a family man. The Cannes Film Festival will run May 14-23.

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