Do You Belong In A Country Where People Are Most Stressed-Out?

Depression and anxiety feels
Depression and anxiety feels (Photo: Pixabay/ Pexels)

Death is inevitable, right? But though that is the case, people still want to enjoy life more and embrace it longer. Unfortunately, studies show how premature most people die nowadays. One of the culprits of this is the overwhelming stress every single one of us is experiencing.

According to a health blog named Medline Plus, stress is simply an emotional or physical tension, which in turn affects a person's body and mood. But it is not just that. Stress can also be a factor that can lead to several illnesses. Some of those are heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

But did you know that among all the races in the world, Americans are one of those who are stressed-out the most? That is according to a recent study conducted by Gallup.

The study was participated by about 1,000 adults, who are residing from different countries all around the world. In the survey, the participants were asked about the emotions they've felt a day before the said activity.

The results of the study revealed that most people around the world are mostly covered with different negative experiences. These experiences prompt them to have feelings such as worry, anger, stress, physical pain, and sadness.

The results also revealed that among the participants, Americans is one of the races that tops the list for being the most stressed person in the world, as reported by TIME. About 55% of the respondents that came from the US showed how they have dealt with stress before they have answered the poll.

The survey also revealed that one of the factors that stress people so much is the low rate income that one receives. Aside from finances, other sources of stress that Americans usually face are health, health care, politics, current events, and social media technology.

Other countries, such as the Philippines, Greece, and Tanzania, are just some of the countries that have a higher rate than the US. Countries like Iran, Albania, and Sri Lanka, on the other hand, have rates that are just tied with the U.S.

Meanwhile, aside from the negative emotions and experiences the participants had, the survey also showed how people had had positive emotions and experiences too. Based on the recent survey, 87% of the participants shared they had a great day before the survey, 74% of them laughed and smiled about something, 72% are well-rested, 71% of them have enjoyed a lot, and 49% of them did something they are interested in. The results regarding positive emotions showed how people are now enjoying their lives more as compared to how they used to before.

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