Lenovo’s 'Foldable PC' Is A Fresh Face On Portability

Full set.
Full set. (Photo: Lenovo/Facebook)

Samsung and Huawei paved the way for foldable phones to penetrate the market. To say the least, it's a radical step to introduce new technology to a growing industry that always looks for something new to get their hands on. And if the trend goes in their favor, the future will undoubtedly welcome a new batch of gadgets that, in the past, were only found in blueprints and sketches.

Lenovo is one company that aims to jump in the foldable bandwagon. It's not a Smartphone like the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X but can make an impact on the working class, or to those who want to take their process to the next level.

The Verge has it that the company has been working on a "foldable PC" for three years and is planning to launch it in 2020 as part of their ThinkPad X1 line. According to the source, their goal is to present a "laptop-class device" and not just an accessory or a tablet that will go along a traditional laptop.

It's a big leap for Lenovo if one looks at a foldable PC on another perspective. The website added that Lenovo thinks that their ThinkPad will etch on "portability." If foldable Smartphones are making handhelds bigger to the point that users can use it as a tablet, the concept of a foldable PC will be the opposite: the unnamed device will make laptops smaller, handier and easy to transport.

The foldable PC sports a 13.3inch OLED display screen with 2K resolution. That's around 9.6inch when it is folded in half. As per Tom's Guide, future owners can use it as a "book, tablet with pen," a video player or a clamshell-like laptop. It can also transform into a new-wave PC with its external mechanical keyboard and kickstand.

Lenovo has yet to disclose the full specs of the foldable PC considering that it is, well, fresh from the woodwork. The Verge, on the other hand, is leaning on a Windows Operating System, an Intel CPU and a "full day of use" as stated by Lenovo. It also comes with two USB Type-C ports, an IR camera, and stereo speakers.

Other key inclusions like RAM and other bundles are still floating, but it's a good bet that Lenovo might toss in cellular data in the mix. For what it's worth, though, the foldable PC has no visible crease in the center. Tom's Guide said that Lenovo worked with LG Display on the screen and that it has "doubled the hinge cycles." This is a good thing considering that there have been numerous complaints about the Galaxy Fold when tech writers took it for a spin for the first time.

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