'Charmed' Season 1 Finale Preview: Macy Tips To The Dark Side

The Charmed Ones are going to be back for season 2 on The CW. (Photo: CharmedCW/Facebook)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Charmed season 1 that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

Will Macy (played by Madeleine Mantock) cross over to the dark side in Charmed season 1? It looks like this young witch doesn't have any control over her dangerous powers, and without the proper guidance, Macy could go to a path she cannot turn away from.

In the preview for the Charmed season 1 finale, two of the Charmed Ones discuss Macy's present state with Harry (played by Rupert Evans). Maggie (played by Sarah Jeffrey) is certain that Macy will not hurt them despite her growing powers. She acquired this new ability by accident in Charmed season 1 episode 21, which aired on Sunday, May 12, on The CW.

Macy did the unthinkable and retrieved the Origin Dagger. She used this on herself to save Maggie and stop Alistair (played by Craig Parker). However, as Harry said in the teaser, there are some repercussions to what she did. Macy also showed that she was quite uneasy about becoming The Source of both good and evil powers.

The teaser also showed Macy choking one of her sisters. She's seen screaming at the girls to back off, and she's pissed at something. 

The episode synopsis for the Charmed season 1 finale also indicates that Macy will try to create alternate realities. It looks like she will be obsessed about finding the perfect scenario. Does she want to correct her path? Will she have some luck with this?

Photos from the Charmed season 1 finale as posted on KSite TV also reveal that Mel (played by Melonie Diaz), Maggie and Macy will still try to work on their magic together. Harry, on the other hand, will also be there to guide the girls despite the worrisome look on their faces. Have the Charmed Ones figured out how to help Macy from turning dark? 

Meanwhile, The CW has renewed Charmed for a second season albeit with some changes. Showrunner Carter Covington will not be coming back for the reboot so Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro will take over the showrunner duties. According to Deadline, this husband-wife team of writers will take Charmed season 2 in a new direction. 

The network, however, has not yet given the premiere date for Charmed season 2. Expectedly, however, the show might take the same Sunday slot in the fall.

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