Kylie Jenner Files Trademarks For 'Kylie Baby' As She Expands Her Billion-Dollar Empire

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster Scott
Kylie Jenner files trademarks for "Kylie Baby" and Kylie Baby by Kylie Jenner" as she prospects a new baby care line. (Photo: kyliejenner/Instagram)

A natural mother like Kylie Jenner looks at everything that is best for her baby, and just like any mothers out there, they want only the products that are not too harsh and simply natural for their baby's skin.

After announcing her upcoming skincare line, Jenner will not be tagged as the self-made billionaire for nothing, as her mind quickly thinks of more ways to expand her billion dollar empire. And this time, she has thought of a business that lately she is best at.

Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was over-the-top a secret, as she kept her journey to motherhood away from the limelight. Nine months she stayed out of social media and wore clothes that tried its best to hide the evidence of her baby bump. But when Stormi Webster came, her pictures were all over, as she completely dominates Kylie Jenner's life and heart.

As Kylie Jenner continues to her business and celebrity life, her daughter is already playing an important role in her life. From the simple hair styling of her unique curls and to her OOTD's, Jenner makes sure she is completely hands on to almost everything.

Just like in all of her products, the reality star meticulously chooses the finest ingredients and something that is the most delicate to the skin.

Just recently, Kylie Jenner will add up once again a new set of products that will extend even more to a new set of consumers, babies. Court documents for trademarks are already filed by Jenner named "Kylie Baby" and "Kylie Baby by Kylie Jenner" which will cater to mothers who love their babies like her.

The said line will have products like baby furniture, including cribs, bouncers, baby walkers and charging tables, including baby skin care products such as moisturizers, creams, and lotions.

And that's not all as it will have a whole range of products from baby linens, including swaddling blankets and crib jumpers, as well as breast storage bottles and breast pumps. Not to mention, traveling products that makes baby care portable and mobiles like car seats and strollers. Travis Scott gets to share his ideas too, as some products came from him as previously mentioned.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, the trademarks covered a massive range of items as mentioned, and it will surely be a hit just like all the product lines Kylie Jenner promotes. The youngest billionaire who already surpassed Facebook's chairman and chief executive officer, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg has a net worth of $900 million from Kylie Cosmetics alone.

Kylie Cosmetics is an American cosmetics company founded and owned by Kylie Jenner formerly known as Kylie Lip Kits; renamed Kylie Cosmetics in 2016 after the release of the liquid lipstick and lip liner set on November 30, 2015.

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