Wendy Williams Shades Her Estanged Husband's Infidelities And Makes It A Topic For Her Show

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams just recently filed for divorce with her husband Kevin Hunter. (Photo: wendyshow/Instagram)

There's no stopping a woman like Wendy Williams as she starts a new chapter in her life after more or less 2 decades of marriage with a TV producer, Kevin Hunter. Her world revolved around him and their son, even on her career as a publicist and host of the show The Wendy Williams Show.

Despite Hunter's infidelities, the talk show host keeps her family and marriage strong and intact, even if allegations of providing for his mistress have already circulated.

Being a true and naturally strong woman like Wendy Williams, putting it through for most of the time and for too long has its limits and this time, she stopped wearing her wedding ring on her April 11, 2019, episode. And it was already a big sign because just hours before that, it was revealed that she served Kevin Hunter the divorce papers - allegedly on the set of the show.

And for so many reasons that it is HER show, after all, Wendy Williams has all the right to say what she wants, keeping it all open for the world to know what 22 years of marriage has been for her.

Kevin Hunter would not like the idea of talking about his misgivings, let alone making fun of it. Reportedly, Hunter is "furious" over Wendy Williams' "Hot Topics" segment, especially if he and his "mistress" are the topics of discussion and hilarity.

The TV producer seemed to be trying his best to stop his estranged wife from making the divorce a public piece to make fun of more so his dalliances.

But Wendy Williams has been quiet enough for a decade or so, as Kevin Hunter allegedly been cheating at her since 2000, following the birth of their son. It was revealed in her 2003 memoir Wendy's Got The Heat. However, the tv host held on to their love for each other as the scandal made their relationship stronger.

Even as Williams struggled with her diagnosis and battle with Grave's Disease, starting in 2017, Hunter was her pillar of strength - especially when she took a six-week hiatus from her talk show in 2019 to focus on her health.

But her health condition has made him stronger and fiercer as she made a final decision to end her marriage, for once removing the main stressor of her life. And as a public person and an outspoken one, Wendy Williams released all that was stopping her as she wakes up from the truth.

Without mentioning her estranged husband's name or anybody in particular, she discussed how some women don't know how to stay away from married men saying "There are a lot of women with no respect for marriage. Do you know what I'm saying? A lot of women who know your man is married and will have the nerve to be right up under him and right up under your nose."

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