Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Spotted Together With Coffee In A Neighborly Walk As Good Friends

Ben Affleck’s Divorce With Jennifer Garner Purportedly Left Him Broke
The rumors of Ben Affleck begging for money after divorce with Jennifer Garner are false. (Photo: Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner/Facebook)

Former A-list couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck shared a good friendship over a cup of coffee as they show how exes can still be amicable and friends after breaking up. It was not long ago, in October 2018 that their divorce was finalized even though they have announced their separation in 2015.

Over the years that have passed since then, Garner and Affleck tried to stay for the sake of their children, making Garner and the kids the most instrumental part for Affleck on those trying times of his alcohol addiction.

Looking back on the highly publicized relationship of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, the Hollywood stars had already met in Pearl Harbor in 2000, and despite the lack of chemistry in the box office, Garner and Affleck seemed to have reached a connection. Two years later on the set of Daredevil, they played Matt Murdock and his love interest Elektra Natchios, and although they already have known feelings for each other, they stayed with their respective partners in real life.

And even if Jennifer Garner was head over heels in love with Ben Affleck when they appeared on Dinner for Five, the latter remained engaged with Jennifer Lopez.

However, their relationship did not materialize until one year later when they have formally ended each of their relationships. And for ten blissful years of marriage, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck came to a point when they weren't able to stand for each other's faults, after numerous rumors of Affleck's dalliances, one with star Blake Lively and the other with the controversial nanny of their children, Christine Ouzounian.

Despite their efforts to conceal the truth of the demise of their relationship, they have stayed amicable and tried to save their marriage, even warned by the court to settle their divorce once and for all.

True enough, they are an epitome of a successful co-parenting and with that, Ben Affleck cannot deny the fact that Jennifer Garner has shown him the meaning of love, together with his mother, Christine. The Justice League star posted a tribute to these "two incredible mothers" and also wrote that in their honor, he would be donating to two charities: Cut50's Dignity for Incarcerated Woman campaign and National Bail Out.

Affleck gave a lot of praises for Garner in March, as he gushes during a recent interview of how he was lucky to have her as the mother of his children.

And because of their divorce clause, Ben Affleck will have to live not more than a thousand miles away from his children and his work, as expected he and Jennifer Garner will most likely have a chance to see each other and talk.

On May 13, the former couple was spotted having a conversation within their neighborhood at Brentwood, Los Angeles. Hidden cameras were able to capture the moment. However, nobody can tell what they were talking about.

Surely, they have become good friends, and apparently, Jennifer Garner was also seen driving Affleck off to his therapy once in a while. As previously mentioned, Ben Affleck's family had a very vital role in getting out of his alcohol addiction. And even though Jennifer Garner is currently in a relationship with businessman John Miller, they have maintained harmony for the sake of their three children.

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