Indonesia And South Korea Among Top 3 Global App Markets

Indonesia mobile phone user
A supporter of Indonesia's presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and his running mate Sandiaga Uno holds a mobile phone with a campaign image on it during a rally after this week's presidential election in Jakarta, Indonesia, April 19, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan)

Mobile data measurement company Adjust said in a new report that South Korea and Indonesia are among the world's fastest-growing app markets as citizens lean on mobile applications for various activities.

According to Venture Beat, the two Asian countries are joined by Brazil in the top three. In order, Indonesia is first, Brazil is second, and South Korea follows close behind.

Adjust based information from 120 billion mobile app sessions and over seven billion install-related activities that took place within the world's top 1,000 apps last year. Malaysia and Turkey also joined the top 10 at fourth and fifth place respectively.

While the numbers indicated that more people are using mobile apps as the day's pass, the report also noted that fraudulent activities are still rampant. Most of the applications hit hard by fraud are dating apps, e-commerce platforms, and unsurprisingly, the mobile banking segment.

Ad fraud is the biggest problem that the global app market has yet to resolve. "Ad fraud continues to be a black mark on the mobile industry the world over," chief technology officer at Adjust, Paul Muller, said.

Indonesia has been largely increasing its mobile use over the last decade. The country is one of the top five biggest Facebook users but some far-flung regions have yet to secure acceptable internet speeds and connections.

Despite the latest revelations about Indonesia's booming mobile app economy, many Indonesians have complained of slow internet connection speeds. An analysis by CupoNation released last month indicated that the country has one of Southeast Asia's lowest figures in speed.

According to The ASEAN Post, Indonesia sits uncomfortably in fifth place out of six countries studied by the discount code portal. Earlier reports also suggested that country may be "lagging" behind in the race for fast and reliable internet connection.

Globally, Indonesia is at 188th place in the total count of 139 countries that reach speeds of over 10 Mbps. In February, the country sat at 68th place out of 77 nations that averaged speeds of 18.5 Mbps.

Industry analysts recommended that the government should invest in improving internet speeds for the benefit of citizens, especially those who heavily patronize mobile apps and online payment services.

It was previously announced that the government is planning to join the bandwagon in exploring 5G technology. The scheme is expected to push through after the World Radiocommunication Communication Conferences (WRC) in Egypt later this year.

A Forbes report pointed out that Indonesia's mobile economy is attractive to many marketers and app development experts due to the apparent show of interest among citizens who gladly want to be part of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

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