How To Get Away With Murder on ABC
Shondaland's "How To Get Away With Murder" might not get a new season from ABC. (Photo: HowToGetAwayWithMurder/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article may contain spoilers for How To Get Away With Murder Season 5.

When How To Get Away With Murder first entered the television, the series became an ultimate hit for the network. With a victorious viewership number of 14 million for its pilot premiere, the thrilling drama series has become one of the fan favorites.

However, as the plot progresses, it seems the decline in numbers has become more apparent, especially in the latest season. As it appears, How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 ended having only 2.76 million viewers. And this is very bad news for the show.

If renewals are based alone on numbers, then the Shondaland series is likely to get a cancellation from the network. Even so, it looks like the fandom is still hopeful of receiving a new season from the show.

How To Get Away With Murder normally announces its renewal after two to three months of airing the previous season finale. This kind of schedule has become very obvious by simply looking at the previous season's renewal announcements.

And since the fifth season just concluded last February, it is very likely that the renewal updates will be given anytime soon.

Also, the fifth season finale seemingly appears to be written as an opener for a new season. As you may know, Laurel and her son, Christopher, went missing in the last few moments of the finale. Also, it has been revealed that Emmett was poisoned.

After these huge cliffhangers were given in the last episode, many are concluding that Season 6 is largely possible to wrap up the loose ends.

Aside from these events, there are also other things from the plot that need answering. So, it will be just fitting if the show gets renewed for a new season.

It is also worth noting that the Keating 5 is now headed to their last year in law school. Hence, if How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 continues to air, it will be suitable as the series ultimate finale. And if in case the show gets a renewal, it is also possible that it will premiere in September of this year.

While these speculations and theories are quite plausible and logical, of course, the last and final say would come from the network, ABC. So, the only way to finally confirm the renewal status is to wait for the official announcements.