MacGyver Season 4
CBS renewed "MacGyver" for a new season. New installment might arrive earlier than expected. (Photo: MacGyverCBS/Facebook)

The reboot of MacGyver has been given the green light already by its network, CBS, for a new season. While there are already speculations that Season 4 is already sealed long before its latest finale, it is only recently that the network officially announced its renewal updates.

The latest season of MacGyver just concluded last May 3. And based on the recent events of the plot, it appears that a new character has been introduced for the new season.

This new character is presented as the new villain of the show. And what it made so much more surprising and exciting is the fact that this character is played by the famous actor, Peter Weller.

During the last few moments of the third season finale, Peter Weller ended up being the ultimate villain as Mason who was initially portrayed as the "Bad MacGyver." Accordingly, it seems that Angus MacGyver has already found his nemesis that could balance out his impressive and genius character.

When he was first revealed, there is no confirmation yet about the renewal of the show. But since it has been announced already that MacGyver will continue its fourth season, it's quite obvious now that Mason will be the ultimate villain of the upcoming season.

Aside from the new villain, new updates were given as well to the other characters of the show. As you may know, George Eads left his character, Jack Dalton, in the middle of the previous season. Upon his exit, his character was replaced by Levy Tran who plays the role of Desi Nguyen.

Her character has become a recurring role during the third season. But since she has been seen to give justice to the overall plot, there are speculations recently that Desi will be a new lead role when MacGyver returns for Season 4.

Another new thing for the show when it returns is the co-showrunner. As it happens, Terry Matalas of 12 Monkeys replaced Craig O'Neil in the said position and now works alongside Peter Lenkov as the showrunners of the reboot series.

So far, these are the only updates about the show's new and upcoming season. And since the renewal was just announced a few days ago, it is still too early to learn furthermore about the details of the next installment.

Even so, there are already conclusions that MacGyver Season 4 will arrive on CBS this September. And if this happens, it is likely that the trailers, teasers, and other updates will be given in the following months.