'NCIS' Season 16 Episode 24: Season Finale Brings Back Dead Character, Plot Ends In An Emotional Twist

NCIS Season 16
"NCIS" Season 16 finale is about to arrive. And it will be emotional, per reports. (Photo: NCIS/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains spoilers for NCIS Season 16 Episode 24.

After almost two decades of airing, the NCIS fans are about to witness another finale from the show. And just like what it did from its previous seasons, the upcoming season finale will be a gamechanger for the show.

Being on air for almost two decades is very challenging, especially on the writers' part. Of course, they are certainly obliged to provide a more shocking twist as the latest season approaches its imminent end.

NCIS Season 16 Episode 24 carries the title, Daughters. And from the title itself, it seemingly appears that the subject of the plot will be related to family and personal matters. Although many individuals think that this kind of title is pretty simple, others, however, perceive it as a title that has more depth in its story.

The official synopsis of the season finale is pretty straightforward just like any other episodes. And it has been partially revealed that the upcoming case for Gibbs will touch a personal matter of his life.

As it appears, a former FBI agent is said to plead with Gibbs as his daughter battles her apparent opiate overdose. This agent is known to be Tobias Fornell. It is said that he asked Gibbs to do everything necessary to bring justice to her daughter. And looks like that this will involve the taking down of the drug dealers and suppliers who are associated with his daughter, Emily.

The case is pretty simple. But the nature of this case is said to affect Gibbs personally since, as you may know, Gibbs has issues from the past with his daughter. And based on the official trailer, his wife, who is known dead, already comes back knocking on his doorstep.

Accordingly, the finale of NCIS Season 16 seems to tackle personal issues and emotions of the characters in the plot.

Another thing that will also be discussed in the upcoming episode is Gibbs' past that involves his vigilante justice. But whatever will happen in the end, there is not much information given by the production. Even so, the fans will surely be surprised for what's next for NCIS Season 16.

It is also worth noting that NCIS is renewed for a new season. Hence, there is a huge possibility that a cliffhanger will be included when the finale ends on May 21.

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