'New Amsterdam' Season 2 Renewal: Series Returns This Year As NBC Sees An Annual Update For The Show

New Amsterdam on NBC
The Bellevue Hospital is coming back for more as NBC renews "New Amsterdam" for the second season. (Photo: NBCNewAmsterdam/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains possible spoilers for NBC's New Amsterdam Season 2.

The first season finale of New Amsterdam just premiered a few days ago. And it seems that all things are working out well for the show.

Apparently, the viewership ratings for the final episode seem to obtain a significant increase. From the average 5 million viewers per episode, the first season finale has almost 6 million views. And this is a great output considering that the show has been receiving a mix reception from critics these days.

Aside from the increase in viewer numbers, another good news for both the show and the fans is that NBC renewed New Amsterdam for a new season. In fact, reports suggest that the network is looking at the show with an annual update for its succeeding seasons. Hence, many are now speculating the second season will arrive in the last quarter of 2019.

The pilot season of New Amsterdam actually premiered in September 2018. And since it has been already hinted that an annual update might happen for the show, then it is possible that the new season will arrive come the -ber months of this year.

Although there are no confirmations yet about its actual release, this is the most plausible timeline for the new season of New Amsterdam.

As for the plot of the upcoming season, it seems that the new installment will pick up from where the pilot season left off. According to reports, the aftermath of the shocking crash last episode will be shown in the upcoming season.

The pilot season finale actually left the fans hanging since the huge cliffhanger hinted that someone may have died the crash. Also, it is worth noting that the execute producer of New Amsterdam, Peter Horton, revealed that the first episode of the new season will already show who died from the crash. So, it is given already that someone will meet their immediate demise when the new installment arrives.

But of course, it is very unlikely that Dr. Max will die. It has been also revealed that Max will battle his cancer in the next season in ways that might totally surprise the fans. Whether he will get better or worse, whatever the case, Max's story will still continue.

New Amsterdam is actually an adaptation to Eric Manheimer's book titled, Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital. But little has been shared whether the new season will still be inspired by the paperback or not. Even so, the fans will certainly get to learn furthermore about the plot in the coming months.

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