Taylor Swift Reveals Most Rebellious Thing She Did, Regrets Yet 'Laughs' Over It After A Decade

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is reportedly becoming more political than normal as her new music will have political messages to further encourage youth. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

The TS7 era is finally here. Although people have to call it still that way since the album is not released yet, everyone can already feel that things have changed for Taylor Swift.

The iconic scaley and rebellious image she had when way back the Reputation era are no longer around. It's like a whole new Taylor Swift has been around the media recently. And what's more interesting is that she has been doing a lot of interviews after the release of ME!.

During the Reputation era, the Look What You Made Me Do singer cut herself from the media. And for three years, she firmly held onto her decision that her music and album would speak for itself. Hence, the interviews were not needed.

But as the new era enters, it seemingly appears that Taylor is now ready to face the world once more. And with her upcoming album's release, it looks like that everything has changed for good.

Earlier this week, Taylor went on a sit-down interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show. Although it's not that scandalous, it turned out to be one of the rawest interviews she had in her career. She did not only talk about her upcoming album and music, but she also revealed several things about her past.

Ellen asked her about the most rebellious thing she did. Many of the fans expect that she would share a few things that can be quite entertaining. But it came as a surprise when she shared her past about her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas. Taylor Swift revealed that when she publicly put Joe Jonas on blast in 2008, this incident has become a real regrettable moment for her in the recent years.

As you may know, Taylor and Joe Jonas dated in 2008. Although it only lasted for two to three months, their relationship has become one of the most iconic events in the industry. But things went south just after a few months, and Joe Jonas ended the relationship on a short phone call.

Taylor Swift revealed what went down on The Ellen Show in 2008. She even mentioned that the phone call only lasted for 25 to 27 seconds. And ultimately she called out her ex-boyfriend during the interview.

But during her latest interview, she told Ellen that this is one of the most regrettable moments that she have. She explained that she should not have done that since it was "too much."

Even so, Taylor Swift also revealed that they laugh about it now. So, it seems that things are now going smoothly between them. Not to mention that Taylor is also friends with Game of Thrones' star, Sophie Turner, who recently got wedded with Joe Jonas.

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