TRON Blockchain Gains Another Follower In Opera

Opera, one of the more popular web browsers, is apparently adding support for TRON's blockchain, with more updates expected to happen within 12 months. The browser, according to The Block Crypto, currently only supports Ethereum blockchain as well as tokens that are based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The integration will make it possible to widen the range of services being offered by Opera to blockchain investors and those interested to learn more than just Ethereum, which it currently supports. Because of the new integration, these users of Opera will now be able to access other TRON-powered 'apps' and tokens, opening them up to more forms of assets to invest in.

Another benefit is opening up Opera's cryptocurrency wallet. It will be built with added support for other TRC-standard tokens, which now includes TRX. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, came out in support of Opera's integration and said that TRX and other TRON tokens becoming available is a big step towards the future for Opera.

Apparently, TRON isn't the only blockchain platform that will gain the support of TRON. Other blockchain platforms will also get to use the browser. The Next Web reported that Opera will initially initiate support for TRON, its TRX, and other TRC-standard tokens, as earlier reported. It will also re-tool its wallet to support that form of currency.

When asked whether 'why TRON,' a representative from Opera said that it was easy; that TRON was one of the best choices among the developing blockchain platforms. That being said, the report noted the strange choice, given that TRON was reportedly prone to 'coin gambling' investors and other 'high-risk' apps. Whether these apps were related to bitcoin has not been revealed.

Opera, however, isn't stopping with TRON. An announcement added that the browser is also exploring support for other blockchain platforms, all scheduled to happen within 12 months. The announcement, however, stopped short of letting the public know which of the blockchain platforms are. Speculation points towards EOS.IO as the next blockchain platform.

Opera is only one of the many browsers investors use on a daily basis. There are others, like Chrome, which would be big news if they suddenly decide to up and support blockchain. However, the fact that Opera is spending a significant chunk of time to develop blockchain integration is a big step towards blockchain's inclusion as a real-world, seriously-taken trading platform.

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