Britney Spear's Hiatus Might Take Longer Than Expected Due To Her Current Mental Condition, Her Manager Says

Britney Spears
According to Britney Spear's longtime manager, it might take a much longer time for the pop star to make a come back. (Photo: Britney Spears/Facebook)

The past few months have been trying times for Britney Spears and her family, that even her career may not be the same once again. The premature end of her Las Vegas residency seems to be a clear sign that she might not come back to finish it in time, more so returning to her normal routine any time from now.

Even her disposition has been greatly affected that the pop star has to check in to a mental facility just to manage herself altogether.

That is why in the recent interview of Britney Spears' manager, Larry Rudolph, he has doubts and worries that Spear's project might take a great toll as she might not be able to return any time now. Her family and health problems had given her a major blow which in turn needed a major recuperation on the part of the Baby One More Time hitmaker. Rudolph further advised that Britney Spears should not think of returning to work and should focus on herself and her family.

According to her longtime manager, Britney Spears is in no condition right now to perform on stage and going back means she is "ready, physically, mentally and passionately." Rudolph, who considers himself the "person who guides her career" doesn't see any good signs for a Britney Spears comeback.

Sadly, he also confirms that the Toxic singer will not be able to perform and completes her Las Vegas residency "not in the near future and probably never again."

Ever since Britney Spears started her career, her father, Jamie Spears has been handling her conservatorship but it seems this has to change in light of his recent medical situation. On the other hand, Spears' mother, Lynne is fighting to become the pop star's new conservator despite her efforts to actually trying to eliminate her conservatorship altogether.

Larry Rudolph feared that, after what has been through with his talent, she clearly does not want to perform now.

While it is true that Britney Spears was completely distressed about the illness of her father, she was still able to call Rudolph every day. However, that changed a lot in the past few months that the manager did not even receive a single call from her.

Recalling the time when the Sometimes star had to be pulled from her show because her meds stopped working, Larry Rudolph called Jamie Spear's sudden illness to be the "perfect storm."

There were already signs of Britney Spears' condition to worsen as the production needed to pause her show in Las Vegas Britney: Domination. Then as she decided to make an indefinite hiatus for her father's illness, doctors revealed how Spears' current medical condition was on a "need-to-know basis." Therefore, the pop star's manager then knew this is the determining factor for her career plans.

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