The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone is shown on a screen at Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Unpacked event in San Francisco
The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed again as Samsung continues to fix the many issues that were found recently on its soft launch. The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be launched last April but Samsung postponed it amidst the breaking scandal and bad reviews it receives. A relaunch in July was rumored, but today, Samsung confirmed that this is not true. No definite date was given as of today. (Photo: REUTERS/Stephen Nellis)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold didn't exactly fare among tech writers and web influencers. Admittedly, the review units of the foldable Smartphone showed several flaws, and this issue prompted Samsung to withdraw from their launch date to address some key aspects.

However, Samsung only regarded this as a minor setback. The foldable technology is still on its advent stage, and the South Korean tech titan is looking to be one of the first names to have a legitimate foldable device in the market.

Be that as it may, BGR said that Samsung is still "committed" to officially release the Galaxy Fold and that they are "racing" to fix the problems to make everything nice and dandy. So what is Samsung doing now that they have time to tweak the Galaxy Fold?

According to a link provided by BGR, the company is making the top protective layer of the Galaxy fold as "essentially part of the body." This is one particular issue that bloated out of proportion on review units; Samsung's warning not to peel the screen protector wasn't delivered well during their press briefing and testers instinctively peeled it off. The result was, well, devastating.

Moreover, Samsung is also looking to make the gap on the top and bottom of the Galaxy Fold's hinge a bit smaller. This will, more or less, prevent dust particles and other unwanted microscopic elements from being trapped on the hinge. One tester also reported on a similar issue on his review unit and that it produced a bulge that made it hard for him to use the Fold to its maximum capacity.

It's not a surprising move for Samsung to back away from a previously slated launch date. To say the least, they want the Galaxy Fold to live up to its expectation as a prime introductory note that will open more names to jump in the foldable tech bandwagon.

The measures mentioned by the sources may be just a small step, but at least we're seeing that Samsung is doing something than nothing. It may or may not be enough to make the Galaxy Fold withstand the task of everyday use, but the effort is there.

Samsung was supposed to launch the Galaxy Fold last April 26 officially, but it withdrew because of the aforementioned defects. Several outfits, including Engdaget, are now reporting that the company will release the foldable handset in June. BGR added that Samsung's mobile executive DJ Kho promised to blurt out the release date "soon."