Kylie Jenner Plans To Dominate Every Lady's Crowning Glory In 'Kylie Hair' Trademark Application

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner files trademark applications for "Kylie Hair" (Photo: kyliejenner/Instagram)

As a true entrepreneur that she is, Kylie Jenner never seems to know the word called "giving up," after a backlash on her still not yet released skincare line. The self-made billionaire thought of making 6 videos of how-to-use her new skincare line so that customers can get to choose their products comes May 22.

But one of the ingredients on her facial scrubs caught a negative impact and crazy nightmare of tweets as it was compared to a popular brand that was caught in a tangle of lawsuits because of inflammations and "micro tears" in the skin.

Still, Kylie Jenner can't be halted for that controversy alone as she reportedly filed for a trademark under "Kylie Hair." It will encompass a wide range of hair products from shampoos, and conditioners to hair oils, gels, mousse, and dye.

In addition to these, hair styling tools like hair dryers, curling irons, and hair brushes are included as it completes all hair paraphernalia for individual and salon use.

Kylie Jenner knows a lot of making her hair look shiny, long, and colorful. However, she is also very careful in hair care as she opted to use wigs and extensions than the chemicals to change one color to another. The make-up mogul has started to dominate every lady's room and even their bathroom as well as she goes from cosmetics to skincare line and now to hair care.

Not to mention, Kylie Jenner also plans to touch on baby care needs and its simply an ingenious way to make use of your influence to help ladies and mothers like her and also to be rich literally.

Now at a net worth of $900 million, Kylie Jenner has just been starting to build her billion-dollar empire, and she's using her charm, wit and fashion sense all in works. No doubt, "Kylie Hair" will push through even without any official announcement yet.

The same went with "Kylie Skin" when news broke that she filed trademark applications for "Kylie Skin" last October, the launch was announced just seven months later. The reality star also promoted vitamins like SugarBearHair; could she be coming for supplements, too?

In the series of trademark applications, Kylie Jenner might also be preparing a business empire with her one-year-old daughter, Stormi and tries to get her in the family business too. Under Kylie Jenner, Inc. she filed for a trademark for "Stormi Webster" and listed skin care products (cleansers, creams, lotions), body care products (shower gels, bubble baths, body oils), cosmetics, and fragrances.

The busy mama of one keeps thinking of business ways as she is also coming out with a separate line named after Stormi Webster, but as of this time, news sources are still awaiting for Jenner to announce this and make it official.

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