Taylor Swift New Album 2019: All Easter Eggs Are Dropped, Will 'TS7' House 30 Tracks?

Taylor Swift's New Album
Fans suggest that Taylor Swift will be releasing her new album with 30 tracks as a celebration to her upcoming 30th birthday. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

Long before ME! was released, Taylor Swift revealed that she had been dropping a lot of hints and clues everywhere about her next album. She mentioned that she started writing her seventh album just right after the Reputation tour and finished it within three months. So, right now, her seventh and upcoming is already done and sealed.

Everyone thought that Taylor would be releasing her new album last April 26. But instead, she released her latest single, ME!, that served as the lead-off single to the TS7. While the album's release date has not yet been revealed, Taylor Swift continued to drop major clues and hints about it to which she referred to as her "Easter eggs."

The music video of ME! apparently contains all the major Easter eggs for her next album. Although logical speculations and theories are already laid out by the fandom, there are no confirmations given yet. As it appears, she even continued to drop more hints and clues, especially when she became the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Everybody knows how Taylor Swift loves her "Easter eggs." While most of the fandom enjoys the mysterious hunt for her next singles and album, others, however, are now becoming more distressed with these games. There are reports recently that state that these clues and hints are now ruining her next album. Even so, the ME! artist is firm about her decision to stick with it.

Generally, the only thing that everyone knows so far about this mysterious album is that ME! embodies the overall tone, appearance, and theme of the album. Other than this sure fact, no other revelations have been made to the public.

Although she mentioned that the name of her album and title of her next single are all included in the music video of ME!, speculations and theories are the only things that currently makeup TS7.

She also revealed in one of her interviews that the upcoming album will be her biggest yet. Accordingly, this means that TS7 will be housing more than 16 tracks. This is in consideration to her lengthiest album yet, Red, which has a total of 16 songs.

The fans have theorized that it is a huge possibility that her next album will have 30 tracks in totality. And this is because Taylor Swift is reaching her thirtieth birthday soon. But while it's plausible, no one can know for sure unless she already releases it.

So today, the only thing that everyone can do about these Easter eggs and theories is to wait for the album's actual arrival simply. Other than that, one may choose to continue decoding her clues.

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