'Grey’s Anatomy' Season 15 Ends With Meredith Possibly Behind Bars, ABC Renews Series For Two More Seasons

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Finale
The finale of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 15 just premiered and all are in shock. (Photo: GreysAnatomy/Facebook)

Read At Your Own Risk: This article contains spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 15.

Just a few hours ago, Grey's Anatomy Season 15 premiered its season finale. Although the penultimate episode last week, Drawn To The Blood, already foreshadowed what is to come, the finale still shocked the whole fandom to the core.

No one saw it coming, but it seems that Meredith is now facing years behind bars due to fraud. Along with Alex and Webber, Dr. Bailey learned the truth about what they've done in the previous episode. And as he was told about everything, he went "full chief mode" and fired three of his great doctors.

The final episode of the season did not show Meredith behind bars. But she already bid her temporary goodbyes to her three kids. She told them that she would be gone for quite a while.

This kind of storyline is partially new to the plot of Grey's Anatomy. And since Meredith is the one subjected to these apparent struggles, it is quite shocking to fans that she might go to jail.

Even so, the final episode revealed her true feelings toward DeLuca. As Andrew told her that he loves her, Meredith responded with a heartfelt, "I love you, too." So, what's next in line for these two characters? Has the ship gone sail after what happened? We all know Andrew took the fall for her but will he accept what Meredith did afterward?

Another huge cliffhanger on the finale of Grey's Anatomy Season 15 is when Jackson went missing just right after getting out of the car. The first few moments of the episode showed that Jackson and Maggie are in the middle of an intense fight. But as they proceed to their trip, the apparent fog that has been ongoing for the whole episode won't let them.

So, Jackson pulled the car to let the weather pass. But since he cannot stand the tension inside the car, he stepped out to get some air. After a while, Maggie was keen to realize that something is wrong, so she stepped out only to find out that Jackson is gone.

Certainly, the whole fandom needs answers right away. And with these kinds of cliffhangers, it surely won't be easy to wait. Even so, ABC already renewed Grey's Anatomy for two more seasons. And there are speculations already that the next season will arrive in September of this year with a total of 24 to 25 episodes.

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