'Black Mirror' Season 5 Is Arriving Sooner Than Expected

Black Mirror Season 5
Netflix just recently released the official trailer for "Black Mirror" Season 5. And it's arriving soon on the platform. (Photo: BlackMirrorNetflix/Facebook)

On May 15, Netflix released the official trailer for the new season of Black Mirror. And everybody seems to be pleased with what's coming for the show.

This Charier Brooker television series has been getting a lot of attention since it first entered Channel 4 in 2011. Although the fanbase is already strong enough, it caught more noise and attention when it entered Netflix in 2016 for its third season.

For years, the dystopian-like present tone of the series has been an eyecatching arc for the viewers. And when the production released a standalone interactive episode, Bandersnatch, it changed the game forever.

Many have thought that Bandersnatch will serve as the fifth season of the show. But it has been revealed that Netflix decided that it must be a standalone film since the audience showed a massive increase in numbers and ratings.

Bandersnatch was released in December of 2018. Just like the previous seasons, they all premiered during the last month of the year. So, most of the fans speculated that Black Mirror would return for a new season in December 2019.

But it came as a surprise when Netflix released the official trailer a few days ago. While surprised and shocked that it will come on a much earlier date, the audience was pleased and happy to know that a new set of episodes can be enjoyed anytime soon.

During the third and fourth season, Black Mirror had a total of six episodes per installment. But it seems that the show's upcoming season is an echo to the first two seasons since it will now house again a total of three episodes.

It may be too little for some of the fans. Others, however, see it as a great strategy for the show. They think that each episode would already suffice considering that the trailer showed shocking, striking, and fascinating plots for the next season.

Of course, this is Black Mirror that we are talking about. Hence, plot predictions and theories are not adequate. But even so, the new season showed that the episodes would feature well-known celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, and Anthony Mackie.

On another note, the series creator has already responded to the fans' requests and questions about creating a sequel to the previous episodes like San Junipero. Sadly for those who are hoping for a sequel to the uplifting episodes of the show, there will be none as per Brooker.

Black Mirror Season 5 is set to arrive on June 5, on Netflix.

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