'The Gifted' Season 3 Cancelled Due To Viewership Massive Decline

The Gifted
After two seasons, "The Gifted" was cancelled due to several factors including ratings and business models. (Photo: TheGiftedonFOX/Facebook)

The decision is final. The Gifted is no longer returning for a new season. When the second season of the show concluded last February, the fans thought that FOX would be announcing its renewal in the following months. But after waiting for almost three months, the saddening decision was made known to the public.

As it happens, The Gifted is revealed to be FOX's "lowest rated and least watched series" in recent years. Although the Marvel-related series entered the industry with a strong and consistent viewership number, the second season showed otherwise.

From the strong 4 million viewers, the X-Men series had an apparent decline of numbers by half when the latest season concluded. Not to mention, the whole second installment showed a linear decreasing number when it comes to ratings and viewers. So, without a doubt, this is already a tell that the show has already lost its touch.

Even so, the series creators and showrunners believed that the show still has a strong fanbase. But while the loyal fans are still hopeful, they were not enough.

Aside from the viewership decline, another factor that has been considered about its cancellation is the fact that Disney purchased FOX recently. And the fans believed that the cancellation has something to do with this recent business movement made by the two companies.

This is technically true. As it appears, factoring out the decline in viewership ratings and numbers, Disney's purchasing of FOX indirectly affected all of its Marvel-related shows including The Gifted.

As you may know, Disney is about to release its streaming platform, Disney+. And if you would recall, Disney owns the license of all Marvel-related series. So, they are now pulling out of these shows and series from its future competitors.

This is also why all of the Defenders shows are canceled as well by Netflix. And since The Gifted is a part of the Marvel family, Disney now technically owns it.

While the cancellation is already announced officially, the production remains hopeful that they will return on a new network and platform. This is a possibility. But whatever the case, there are no further words given yet by FOX and Disney about the future of the show.

So, unless Disney announces that they will be renewing the show, the fans may have to stick with the decision that The Gifted is now finished.

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