'Blue Bloods' Season 10 Spoilers: No More Footage For Jamie And Eddie's Wedding

Blue Bloods
"Blue Bloods" season 10 will reportedly premiere this fall on CBS, and will still have the same timeslot. (Photo: Blue Bloods/Facebook)

When Blue Bloods season 10 arrives, it wouldn't probably pick up the where the previous season left off, particularly about Jamie and Eddie's wedding. Their wedding is one of the most awaited happenings in the season nine finale, but it seems like there's no more footage in the ceremony, which might disappoint some fans.

Will Estes talked about the wedding in the season 9 finale with TVLine. He said they did the vows at the dinner table, but added he's got "nothing." The final episode of the previous season didn't show much of the ceremony, which made fans assume the next season would start with the wedding. But based on the actor's comment, Blue Bloods season 10 will not feature the ceremony.

When it comes to the "lost" and "extra" footage filmed beyond what viewers saw in the finale, Estes confirmed the crew filmed walking a little bit more, but there's no other dialogue. Therefore, it's apparent no actual vows were filmed, or some sort of celebration after the ceremony. Moreover, Blue Bloods season 9 finale's wedding featured an unsteady walk down the aisle.

While the actor said it is possible Blue Bloods season 10 could pick up where the wedding left off, he also said he hadn't heard anything about it suggesting it might happen. Additionally, others think it would be hard to continue that things that happened at the wedding, especially in getting back many of the same extras and replicate the venue. So, it is very likely the series will now move forward.

In an interview with Deadline, Tom Selleck also said the show wants to focus on a sense of jeopardy and conflict in the season 9 finale rather than the resolution. So, the actor is implying that conflict is the most important part of the series than just prolonging the show and go back to the same location.

It's also worth noting that some of the big moments in the previous seasons weren't even shown on-screen as the show just leave certain events just like that. For instance, the engagement of Jamie and Eddie was only revealed when they went to the family dinner together. The series didn't even show how Jamie proposed to Eddie.

Thus, fans shouldn't expect more about the wedding, but they should focus instead on where the show would go now. Blue Bloods season 10 will reportedly premiere this fall on CBS, and will still have the same timeslot.

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