NBA Rumors: The Pelicans Could Be Offered Other Picks For Anthony Davis

The New Orleans Pelicans hit the jackpot recently when they won the rights to the first overall selection in the coming 2019 NBA Draft. Without question, they are expected to take in Zion Williamson - someone who could blend in beautifully if Anthony Davis sticks around.

Unfortunately, that possibility has been growing thin with the 26-year-old center still bent on leaving the franchise. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics lead the pack of potential destinations although the New York Knicks could come into play.

The Knicks own the rights to the third overall pick and many believe New York could end up getting either R.J. Barrett or Ja Morant. The Memphis Grizzlies will pick second overall and the word out is that they are zeroing in on Morant. With Mike Conley likely to be traded away in the summer, the Grizzlies are looking for a new (and young) point guard to lead the pack. Should this be the case, Barrett may fall to the laps of the Knicks.

But even before selecting, the Knicks could pull off something. That includes possibly trading the third overall pick to the Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis. They are likely to offer other assets as well seeing how Davis has two more years remaining in the $127 million deal he signed in 2016 according to Spotrac. As of this writing, it remains unknown who the Knicks could dangle.

If the inevitable happens, it shakes up plenty of things. One is the alleged pursuit of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Davis could spoil all those plans if James Dolan decides to take in the 6-foot-10 NBA All-Star, NBC Sports reported.

As it stands right now, it could all boil down to whether the teams that gained the top picks are keeping them or not. The Pelicans have been mum although are likely to keep theirs while the Grizzlies have already started talks with Morant. The Knicks may be weighing their options - one that includes the possible Davis angle.

Durant is currently out of the NBA playoffs with an injury while Irving remains secretive on his plans this free agency. The Lakers are also a possible landing spot of Uncle Drew - the same place where Davis originally wanted to be until things went haywire back in February.

For now, the Pelicans, Grizzlies, and Knicks own the rights to the first, second and third picks respectively. Unless some deal takes place in the coming weeks, the only thing that remains is where Williamson, Barrett, and Morant will be officially playing in the 2019-20 NBA season.

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